Hounshell Starting to Heat Up

Mentor Lake Catholic lineman Chad Hounshell waited a long time for his first offer. Once Kansas became the first to pull the trigger, it seems others have noticed this talented player. In a space of a week, Hounshell picked up 6 offers. Bill Greene has more.

It appears that the word is now out about Mentor Lake Catholic offensive lineman Chad Hounshell. Following two strong combine performances in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Hounshell now has 6 scholarship offers. All were issued in the past week.

"This whole process has been pretty amazing," he said. "Kansas was the first to offer. The funny thing was that I hadn't really heard much from them at all. They called me and said they liked my highlight film and they said they were offering me a scholarship. The next day Western Michigan offered me. In the following four days I received offers from Kent State, Colorado, Indiana and Miami of Ohio. The whole week was pretty shocking. For the longest time I didn't have anything and then things went kind of crazy."

Hounshell, 6' 6" and 300 pounds, said things have happened so fast that he hasn't had time to even think about naming a favorite or a leader. He is also hearing from several other schools.

"Northwestern , Pitt and Iowa are also pretty involved and have been for a while now," Hounshell stated. "The combines seemed to get my name out there and my highlight film got sent out and that generated a lot of activity. I'm also starting to get a lot more attention from a lot of schools in the Mid-West. I really don't have a leader at all. I'm still exploring each school and seeing what they have to offer. I'll just wait and see how things go throughout the summer. It's hard to have a favorite because I haven't been to any of the schools that have offered me. I'm going to try to get out there and see a lot of schools this summer."

He said he never worried about not having any offers even though he continually saw other offensive linemen receiving scholarship offers.

"I wasn't worried because I really wasn't expecting anything this soon," Hounshell admitted. "All of last season I was pretty much a nobody. I wasn't well known at all so I kind of expected that not much would happen until my highlight tape was made and I made a few camp appearances. Really the combines have jump-started my recruiting."

Hounshell is keeping a level head about the entire recruiting process. He was not panicking when he had no offers, and he's not going overboard with things taking off as they have.

"I called the recruiting coach from Northwestern to tell him about my offers and he said they have their recruiting meeting on Friday and he wanted me to call him," Hounshell revealed. "I'm just trying to stay calm and let the process work through. I kind of figured once I got the first offer that things might get going, but I never expected anything like this. Offers just started flying in and it was kind of overwhelming."

Hounshell said he's hoping to hear more from Ohio State. The Buckeyes have been in contact, but Hounshell is unsure how serious they are.

"Ohio State really hasn't been in contact much at all," Hounshell admitted. "They were at the school this month, but I'm really not sure what they think of me. I've never been to Ohio State's camp, because I went to Michigan last summer. They probably want to see me in camp. So far, I have a schedule to hit Illinois, Northwestern, Iowa, Indiana and probably Notre Dame the first week school lets out. I'm not sure about any others but I'm going to try to get to as many schools as I can. A lot of colleges might want to see tape of the first few games of next season before making a decision on me. I would like to make a choice before the season, but that might not be possible."

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