Florida QB Stock Climbs With More Offers

Each spring we start to hear the names of players getting looks from college programs in their region only to blow-up when they've enjoyed a great combine or camp. This is just the case for this Florida quarterback who enjoyed a great Scout.com Combine in Miami and also a blow-up performance during his team's spring game.

The results opened the eyes of college coaches across the nation as they set their sights on recruiting him.

Orhian Johnson is a name not many have heard of outside Boca Ciega High School, the state of Florida or college coaches' offices who've watched him perform during the Pirates spring classic against Gibbs.  That's starting to change as Johnson is fast becoming a player college programs are taking serious interest in with written and verbal offers. 

While the focus of recruiting is just starting for Johnson you can go back to his sophomore season to see he was fast becoming a special player.  By earning his team's defensive MVP honors as a safety, Johnson showed enough athletic ability to be moved to quarterback as a junior.

"My coaches say I'm a playmaker, but I just do what I do and things seem to happen for me," said Johnson about his junior campaign that saw him amass over 1,100 yards of total offense.

"Playmaker" is the correct word to use when talking about Johnson's performance during the spring classic as he passed for 151-yards and two touchdowns while also gaining 100-yards more on the ground.   Johnson showed his overall athletic ability on a night many college programs came to look at several Pirates who have Division One talent.  Three of those programs in attendance were Ohio State, Cincinnati and Florida.

"Florida, Ohio State coach Tavor Johnson and Cincinnati coach Mike Elston were there for my spring game," an excited Johnson told Scout.com.

How impressed were the college coaches who took in the game?

"I now have written offers from South Florida, Florida International and Indiana while also having verbal offers from Western Kentucky, Ohio State and Cincinnati."

While his spring performance has opened the eyes of many, Johnson feels his game has yet to reach its full potential. 

"I'm a hard worker and push myself to be the best.  I fight for every yard I get on the field.  I played defense as a sophomore and offense as a junior, this year I'll be playing on both sides of the ball.  I'm being recruited by some schools as a quarterback and others as an athlete.  South Florida is looking at me as a quarterback or receiver while Indiana is as a quarterback; both Ohio State and Cincinnati are looking at me as an athlete."

The one question that always comes up when talking with a prospect with offers from schools several hundred miles or more away from home is how they feel about leaving their home state, Johnson explained what he's looking for.

"I want to go to a program that I feel real good about the coaches and it feels like home.  It doesn't matter if that is here in Florida or in another state.  I want to take a few visits to have a chance to see some of the programs before I make a decision and then I'll have a better understanding."

With camp season getting under way at many college programs this weekend, Johnson was asked if he has made any plans.

"My father and I are hoping to make it up to Ohio State this summer but I don't know yet.  I know I'll be going to a few but still haven't worked everything out yet."

Scout.com will continue to follow Orhian Johnson until he makes a college choice.

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