Fletcher Ready for the Tour

Cleveland Glenville's star Donnie Fletcher is ready for his second journey on the Ted Ginn bus tour. Fletcher, who holds 14 offers currently, is hearing from most of the top programs in the Mid-West. Is Ohio State still recruiting Fletcher? Bill Greene has more on this exciting prospect.

Donnie Fletcher is the latest high profile defensive back to play for Cleveland Glenville. Fletcher, 5' 11" and 170 pounds, holds 14 scholarship offers after adding Nebraska and Boston College. Fletcher talked about his offer list as he prepared to depart on the Ted Ginn tour.

"I have just been offered by Nebraska and Boston College," Fletcher informed Scout.com. "I also have offers from Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Cincinnati and a few others. There are a lot of schools that are in contact and we'll be going there on the bus tour. I really didn't expect to get this much attention and it's going really well. I performed well at camps at Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Penn State and that seemed to really get people's attention. I feel blessed to be in this position to tell you the truth."

Fletcher, who worked out as a receiver last year on the tour, is one of the top cover cornerbacks in Ohio and is being recruited strictly at that position.

"I'm being recruited by everybody as a cornerback," Fletcher explained. "This week I've heard from some of the other schools that are recruiting me. Coach Mark Dantonio, of Michigan State, called me and told me they're still evaluating and he is looking forward to seeing me at his school on the bus tour. I'm hearing from Tim Beckman at Oklahoma State. He was recruiting me for Ohio State before taking that job. They just got my film and said he would get back to me. West Virginia called this week too. I'm hoping to get to their camp this summer. Corwin Brown is recruiting me from Notre Dame and I'll get to their campus soon as well. I was at Notre Dame for a junior day this winter and I like them a lot. The bus tour should get me to most of the schools I want to see. The other schools will need to be scheduled after the tour."

What about Ohio State? The Buckeyes are well known for stocking their roster with Glenville players. Defensive backs aren't a priority for Ohio State this year, but Fletcher is still on the Buckeye radar.

"It's hard to say what they're going to do," Fletcher admitted. "They really aren't recruiting a lot of defensive backs this year. They took a lot of them last year. We've talked at school and I've been down there before, so we'll just have to wait and see how things go. We stop at Ohio State on the bus tour so they will get a chance to see me work out for them at that time. I would love to get an Ohio State offer."

Fletcher declined to name a leader right now and said he's not in any hurry to make his college choice. Fletcher carries a 3.5 GPA and is awaiting the results of his ACT score.

"I'm not ready to say who my leader is or if I have a favorite at this time," Fletcher noted. "I'm happy with the scholarship offers I have and I hope to add more to my list. After the bus tour is over and I get out to some 1-day camps, I'll have a better idea of who I am serious about. Right now I'm interested in everybody. I'd like to make a decision before the start of our football season, if possible. I want to concentrate on helping our team have a great season. We have a state championship as our goal and it would be nice to have the recruiting out of the way." Fletcher will be a 2-way starter this year for Glenville and will be a player we will follow very closely at Scout.com in 2007.

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