Catching Up with Stoneburner

The 2008 Ohio State class is very special in the fact that many of the recruits have become close friends. Michael Brewster seems to get much of the praise for helping the coaching staff in the recruiting game, but for this class it is truly already a "team" effort...

Jacob Stoneburner, a 6-foot-5, 230-pound receiver from Coffman High in Dublin, Ohio was the fifth commitment in the 2008 Ohio State recruiting class that has now swelled to a very talented nine players.

"It has been pretty relaxing," Stoneburner said of the recruiting process since he made his intentions known. "I have been getting a lot of congratulations from people I have never seen before. People start to notice you in places you never thought they would notice you. They will come and say ‘I saw you on TV' and you have no idea who this person is."

"It is kind of a cool feeling being from Columbus and people know that you are going to be a Buckeye."

Next season Coffman will be one of the favorites to win a State Championship as they boast at least five division one players on their roster, and Stoneburner is trying to use that added expectations for motivation during the off season.

"I am trying to work on my speed, and get a lot stronger of course," Stoneburner stated. "Work on my route running and work on my hands. I just want to get a lot better so that I can help my team. We have a big season coming up next fall."

After Stoneburner received a long awaited offer from Ohio State it did not take him long to reach the decision that he would be playing for the Buckeyes. Almost immediately after his commitment he with many of his fellow commitments turned the page to recruiting.

"Every guy we have gotten in this class is a top notch player," Stoneburner began.

"(Michael) Brewster and J.B. (Shugarts) committed after me and Brewster is my boy, so that was nice. J.B. was kind of a surprise, but it is great to know that we are going to have one of the best offensive line classes of all time."

"Nathan Williams is a monster. I saw him at a track meet and this guy is impressive. His arms are as big as Vernon Gholston's already. He is going to be an animal," Stoneburner continued about his future teammates.

"Sweat is as good as it gets right there. He is one of the top linebackers in the country and a Top 100 player. You can not complain about that. I knew he was going to (commit). He did not come out and say it, but I knew for a while. I heard he had a pretty cool ceremony. He did the whole hat thing out in front of his school."

It is not every year that a school will land seven Top 100 recruits out of nine commitments, so did any of the commitments surprise the "Buckeye State" standout?

"No one surprised me, but to be honest I did not know about J.B.," Stoneburner informed. "For a while I heard that he was going to be a Buckeye but then I started hearing LSU and Texas A&M, and that he loved LSU. I thought he was a lost hope, and the next thing you know he was at the spring game saying that he wanted to commit.

"It all went so quick. He is one of the best offensive linemen in the country, he is from Texas, and he is going to be a Buckeye. That is awesome!"

For Stoneburner recruiting never sleeps, and he plans to be at both camp sessions to try and help reel in the next big fish that are on the line.

"I am going to the 22nd with all of the commitments, and I am going up on the 10th," he explained. "Garrett Goebel is going to the one this weekend and I just want to go up and talk with him and show him around."

"Then on the 22nd I think a lot of guys that we have offered are coming. I just want to go up and make them want to be Buckeyes. I think there are a lot of guys coming to the school that have not seen the new Woody Hayes facility. There is nothing better in the nation than that place. Once they see it I do not know how they will not want to be a Buckeye."

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