Kane Keirnan Video Interview

This past weekend will be one Illinois athlete Kane Keirnan will not forget. As a good friend of Garrett Goebel, Keirnan made the trip to Columbus, Ohio and The Ohio State University senior advance camp. With Goebel being a prospect committed Class of 2008 members working to commit Keirnan tagged along. But don't think Keirnan isn't a prospect himself.

While he may not be as well known he has the grades, size and ability to play college football himself. We spoke with Keirnan after camp to learn more.

While Keirnan may never forget his weekend with his best friend Garrett Goebel he knows the work he did on Sunday will help him get his own offers to play Division One college football. His performance during the Buckeyes senior camp allowed several programs the chance to watch how he's comeback from injury. With great grades Keirnan will have several options when it comes time to make a college choice.

Scout.com spoke with Keirnan in this special video interview and learned more about the player and his best friend.

Kane Keirnan Interview:

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