MSU Takes Aim at St. Ed's Star

Coming from one of the premiere football programs in the state of Ohio, Lakewood St. Ed's linebacker Justin Staples has drawn the eye of Michigan State football coach Mark Dantonio. Can Michigan State go two-for-two at Lakewood St. Ed's after the commitment of five-star hoopster Delvon Roe? caught up with star linebacker Justin Staples to see where his recruitment stands.

When Michigan State hoops coach Tom Izzo reeled in Lakewood St. Ed's basketball star Delvon Roe, it was a great day for the Spartan community. Just a few short weeks later, the Spartans are again beating down the door at St. Edward high school, this time for footballer Justin Staples. GSN caught up with Staples to see how he felt about the Michigan State Spartans.

GSN: How have you enjoyed the recruiting process?
Staples: It's been pretty good so far. I pretty much knew what to expect because my dad went through the same thing coming out of high school. I've got about 16 offers right now and I've enjoyed the process.

GSN: Of the 16 offers, do any of the schools stand out yet?
Staples: I can't say that I have a top five or anything, but I have a few schools that stand out to me right now. Michigan State, Northwestern, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Louisville and Purdue are all standing out right now. A lot of places still stand out so far.

GSN: Are there any other offers that you're waiting for?
Staples: I'd like to hear a little bit from Georgia Tech. Other than that, I'm grateful for the list that I have already.

GSN: When you will trim your list down to a final five schools?
Staples: I'll narrow it down whenever I'm comfortable. I want to go through everything though. I need to give all the different places a fair shot. I'd like to narrow it down after seeing all the campuses this summer.

GSN: Will you be participating in any campus on those campus visits?
Staples: I don't think I'll be doing any camps. I just need to get out there and see some schools on official visits.

GSN: Are you going to be stopping at Michigan State?
Staples: I'm supposed to take a trip to Michigan State with Delvon Roe, Michigan State's basketball recruit.

GSN: Has Delvon talked to you about Michigan State?
Staples: He doesn't pressure me, but he does let me know about all the benefits of Michigan State. He's letting me go through the process myself, but he does mention Michigan State a lot. We actually met through AAU basketball in seventh grade. We had a mutual friend and we first met when we played each other. Since then we've just been real good friends.

GSN: Who was it from Michigan State that let you know about your offer?
Staples: Coach Narduzzi was the first one. I've met Coach Narduzzi and Coach Dantonio. I've talked to them both about football and they're just real knowledgeable about it.

GSN: What factors will you consider when selecting you school?
Staples: It has to be a good educational environment. It has to have my major, criminal justice. Michigan State does. It has to be a good environment. I'd like it to be a town that isn't centered on the university, but still is passionate about its sports. Also, a good location is important. I don't want to get too far away from my family.

Staples reports a 3.0 GPA and scored a 23 on his first ACT attempt. GSN will continue to bring you the latest on this MSU target.

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