Torrence wants "Best of Both Worlds"

Saying he's hoping to have "the best of both worlds," Devon Torrence will meet with Ohio State officials on Monday to determine how he can play professional baseball and still play football for Jim Tressel and the Buckeyes in the fall. Bill Greene has the latest update on this breaking story.

"I'm hoping to have the best of both worlds," stated Devon Torrence. Torrence, a 16th round draft pick by the Houston Astros, is hoping to sign with the Astros this week but still be in Columbus for start of fall football practice for Ohio State.

"Coach [Jim Tressel] has given me his full blessing and support," Torrence exclaimed. "I'm going to call him tonight and set up a meeting tomorrow with the Ohio State compliance department. I want to make sure I do everything right so as to not put my eligibility in question. I'm hoping to be in Greenville, Tennessee this week and start playing minor league baseball right away. I know other football players have done this and I think I can do it too."

Torrence has been trying to figure out a way to not have to give up football or baseball at this time. He said the idea came to him while watching television.

"I was watching an old game on ESPN Classic," Torrence said. "When I saw Drew Henson playing and hearing the announcers explaining how he was playing pro baseball in the summer, it came to me that I could do this too. I called the Astros and they were fine with the idea. I just have to work things out with Ohio State about scheduling classes and making sure I do what Jim Tressel wants me to do."

Torrence was unsure how things would work out next spring, with baseball and football being played at the same time.

"I think I might be able to go to spring training on spring break and still be back for spring football, but that has to be worked out," Torrence explained. "My first responsibility would be to the Ohio State football team. They would come before the Astros when there would be a time conflict. I'll know more tomorrow after meeting with the Ohio State compliance people. In my mind I believe this is probably 99% done. I just want to sit down and go over everything tomorrow and be 100% sure this will work out. This is what I want to do and I just have to see if everybody can make it come true."

We will continue to monitor the story at and will have more on this story as the situation develops.

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