Torrence Signs with the Astros

Devon Torrence signed today to play minor league baseball for the Houston Astros rookie team in Greenville, Tennessee. Torrence will be back in Columbus in time for fall practice and will be enrolled in classes for fall quarter. Bill Greene has more on this breaking story.

"I signed with the Houston Astros today," Devon Torrence said excitedly. "I'll be leaving tomorrow for Greenville, Tennessee to get started right away. I'm expecting to start in center field and I'm really anxious to get started playing. I hope I'm in the lineup for Thursday's game."

Torrence has already signed to play football for Jim Tressel and the Ohio State Buckeyes this fall. He will still be honoring that commitment.

"I was at Ohio State today and we met with the compliance department to make sure everything was good to go," Torrence continued. "I also talked with Jim Tressel and made sure he was fine with all this. Coach Tressel told me he was happy to see me be able to do both, but he said he expects me to be in great shape for fall camp. I promised him I would be."

Torrence said his main concern in meeting with the Ohio State compliance officials was to ensure his collegiate eligibility was still intact.

"We talked about everything concerning my eligibility and I'm good to go and play," Torrence stated. "I'm going to play baseball up until August 4TH and then I'll report back to Columbus for fall football practice and I will be enrolled for fall classes. Football will come first. I want to make that clear. Next spring I might go play baseball in spring training with the Astros. Spring football won't start until early April so that wouldn't be a problem. It just depends on the spring training dates and when school lets out. I'm not sure about playing baseball in the spring and the Astros know that might not happen."

Torrence admitted things have happened at a rapid pace. He is ready to begin life as an adult and is already planning his immediate future.

"I'm going to rent an apartment first," he said. "Then I want to buy another car, maybe an Escalade. My mom is going with me to stay a few days but I'm ready to be an adult and get started on my life. This has really worked out better than I could have hoped for. I told my mom that I would be getting my degree from Ohio State, no matter what happened with baseball. She made me promise her that and I did."

Torrence addressed the matter of whether he plans on playing football as a true freshman or sitting out the season as a red-shirt.

"I'm planning on playing next year," Torrence exclaimed. "Coach Tressel said there is an opportunity to get on the field on special teams and maybe cornerback. I love Jim Tressel. He was the one who made this happen. He was kind of joking around with me today about baseball. He said he wants me on the football field at Ohio State, but he also wants me to follow my dream. He could have been nasty about this and stopped me but that's not the kind of man he is. He would never hold me back. Some other schools might not have allowed me to do this. I owe him a lot. I told him when I come back in the fall that I'm going to give him 200%. I told him how glad I am that he let me do this."

Torrence declined to speak about the financial terms of his deal with the Astros. will continue to follow this story as Torrence heads to Tennessee to pursue his baseball career.

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