Kevin Koger "I'll be there on Friday"

One prospect many Ohio State fans are waiting to learn more about is ready for his next trip to Columbus.

Kevin Koger is one of the main targets on the Buckeyes recruiting board and getting ready to make the trip from Toledo to Columbus taking part in the Buckeyes second Senior Advance Camp on Friday. While the Whitmer product has narrowed his choices down to the Buckeyes and Michigan, Koger stresses things are still 50/50 as to the school he'll pick.

"It's still 50/50 as to Ohio State and Michigan. I think right now I'll be making my choice sometime in July."

As for Michigan, Koger had nothing but positive feedback from his one day camping experience with the team up North.

"I really liked what I saw and had fun spending time and hanging out with Coach DeBord while I was there. He's a real fun guy and I just had a good time while I was there."

But while many have talked about Koger being a lean for the Wolverines he stresses he's made no choice and is looking forward to taking part and learning more about the Buckeyes on Friday.

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