Trotwood Set to Invade Columbus for Camp

Much has been alleged over the last month about some sort of rift between Ohio State and the players at Trotwood-Madison. The Rams are set to silence those types of critics and will attend the camp session on Friday and Saturday's seven-on-seven tournament. caught up with Head coach Maurice Douglass for his thoughts heading in to the weekend's festivities.

As a former NFL star for the Chicago Bears Trotwood-Madison Head Coach Maurice Douglass has seen his fair share of football talent over the years, but the past few seasons as the Rams head coach he has been really blessed with a wide array of talented division one level players.

Although the school has produced a wealth of talent, they have not had a player that has been officially offered by Ohio State and that has led some people to ask some questions about the relationship between the two parties. One of the bigger questions, which will be addressed this weekend, is why have the Rams not had a bigger presence during sessions of Ohio State camp.

"We are going to be out in full force this weekend," Coach Douglass informed. "We are going to be going to the camp tomorrow, and then we will be doing the seven-on-seven tournament the following day."

"We normally do go to camp at Ohio State, but it is usually select individuals like a C.J. Peake, who are there to get looked at by the coaches."

Trotwood prospects set to attend the camp:

LB Jamiihr Williams

DT Ike Washington

QB Domonick Britt

S Domonique Sams

DB/WR Norman Young

DB Derricus Purdy

DB Corey Byers

DB/RB David Lane (2009)

With as many talented players that the school has produced, it would seem a likely conclusion there was some type of distance between the two schools, but Douglass maintains that could not be further from the truth.

"We have no problems with Ohio State," Coach Douglass calmly stated regarding the issue. "95 percent of our kids at the school absolutely love Ohio State. It has always been the first choice school of our kids. We have just not had a player that has meshed yet positionally with what O-State has needed. For example, they were very interested in C.J. Peake. Peake wanted to be a safety, but Ohio State saw him as more of an outside linebacker, but Ohio State is always first love."

"We just have not meshed well as far as that is concerned in the past, but hope fully that will change with a good showing this weekend by a good showing with Jamiihr, Roy Roundtree, or Domonick. Hopefully with a good showing at the seven-on-seven or in camp, they could change those guys' minds. Maybe even a Brandon Moore."

"All those guys are pretty solid (with their verbal commitments), but you never know. Like I said, Ohio State is their first love."

One thing is for sure. There will always be a solid amount of division one talent in the Trotwood pipeline.

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