Buckeyes Impress Pryor

When you're the nation's top rated offensive player and everybody shows you what you want to see and tells you what you want to hear, it's hard to be impressed with the lack of originality. The Ohio State Buckeyes pulled out all the stops with Terrelle Pryor and the talented two-sport star came away impressed.

There are not many things teams can say or do to impress Jeannette, Pa., five-star quarterback Terrell Pryor. He did however seem to come away from his recent trip to Columbus for the Ohio State Senior Advanced Camp with favorable things to say about the Buckeyes and most importantly for Pryor, he had fun.

"It was cool working out at Ohio State," Pryor said. "I threw a little bit, but not during the one-on-ones or anything. I worked a little bit with coach (Joe) Daniels on my mechanics. He showed me how to snap my arm through my body when I release the ball and follow through.

"I spent most of the time with (Michael) Brewster, (Mike) Adams and (J.B.) Shugarts in the weight room with the strength coach (Eric Lichter) just working out."

One would assume that if Pryor spent a lot of time around Mike Brewster then he had to hear the recruiting pitch from the self appointed ambassador of this recruiting class.

"Nah, they were cool and just talking about different stuff," Pryor explained. "They didn't really try and force me into anything."

Being a five-star basketball prospect as well, Thad Matta will play just as important of a role with Pryor's recruitment as Jim Tressel. Pryor came away with the answers that he wanted when he met with the Buckeyes head basketball coach.

"I met with Coach (Thad) Matta and (Jim) Tressel at the same time," he said. "Coach Matta told me if I come there he has a spot for me. He likes to play nine guys and I would be one of them.

"If we'd be in a bowl game, then I'd go to basketball after in January. It would take me about four or five games to get ready and I'd be ready to contribute for the conference part of the schedule. I wouldn't miss spring practice either."

The new facilities at Ohio State have not hurt the Buckeyes cause at all either.

"The facilities are tight up there," Pryor said. "It's real nice, the whole nine yards. Everything is very business like there."

There were several former Buckeyes at the Senior Advanced Camp that Pryor participated in. Two of the most notable were former Buckeye quarterbacks including Heisman winner Troy Smith and ESPN Analyst Kirk Herbstreit. Pryor had the chance to meet with both of them.

"It was really cool meeting those guys," Pryor explained. "I wanted to talk to Troy more after the camp, but I had to leave. It was crazy talking to a guy like (Kirk) Herbstreit. I couldn't believe those guys knew who I was. They were just telling me about when they were recruited and how they understand where I am at with all of the recruiting stuff and how it's going to be the biggest decision of my life." The 6-foot-6, 215-pound, quarterback was recently chosen to represent the East squad in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas.

"I am playing in the game," Pryor said. "I really didn't know too much about it until last year. That was the first time I ever watched it. I knew for a while that I was getting picked.

Pryor has been compared to another former college star and current NFL quarterback Vince Young. While the compliments are flattering, Pryor doesn't necessarily like them.

"I don't like being compared to Vince Young or anyone else," Pryor said. "I just want to be me."

While the Buckeyes certainly made a favorable impression on Pryor, don't expect a decision from him anytime soon.

"I'm still open and still looking at the same schools," he said. "I'll probably take a few more trips this summer, but I'm not sure where to."

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