"OSU Visit On Scale From 1-10 = 10"

That was how much Kevin Koger enjoyed his time at Ohio State senior camp last Friday. One of the most talked about prospects left on the Buckeyes recruiting board spoke with Scout.com about his visit and where the Buckeyes stand.

Last Friday a few hundred high school seniors to-be took to the fields of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center looking to grab the attention of the Ohio State coaching staff.  For tight-end prospect Kevin Koger, he's already got the staffs eyes, ears and full attention holding an official offer from the Buckeyes.  But while his Buckeye visit graded out at a 10, don't think for a moment Koger is ready to make the call and end the recruiting process.

"Both Ohio State and Michigan were 10's in my opinion", a relaxed Kevin Koger said on Wednesday night.  "I'm just chillin waiting till the time is right to make my decision."

While Koger is chillin in the early parts of this hot summer those on the message boards often ask if the choice made by Brandon Moore (Trotwood-Madison) of Michigan has swayed his thought process.

"There is going to be competition no matter where you go.  All you can do is work hard and try your best and see what happens.  Brandon going there will not sway my choice one way or another."

One thing Kevin did talk about was the time he spent with some of the already committed Buckeyes and if any one future Buckeye stood out above the others.

"It seems every time I go to a camp I get the chance to meet some really nice good people.  I had the chance to talk with some of the recruits they already have and get to know them better.  This was good because you want to know you'll feel comfortable with the guys you will come in with.  I felt right at home with them.  It wasn't just one of them but the whole group was great."

While Kevin was busy during the day working hard he did get some time with head coach Jim Tressel.

"Coach Tressel is a busy man with lots of people wanting his time.  I had the chance to speak with him here and there during the day but spent the whole day with Coach Peterson.  I feel I did alright during the drills as I tried my best in all of them."

Kevin has talked about the role his father has played during the recruiting process and expressed how his dad felt about OSU.

"My dad was real impressed with Ohio State.  We've talked on several occasions and he always tells me he wants me to make my own decision when it comes to picking a school."

Giving his Buckeye visit a ten must have meant something really stood out about the Buckeyes.

"The facilities really caught my eye.  I've been to the stadium before and didn't know they'd put down the field turf.  I was real surprised about that."

While the recruiting process hasn't affected Kevin he knows the time will soon come when he'll make the call and end all the talk.  As stated before sometime in July looks to be the time Kevin Koger will make the call and pick the Big Ten program he'll be part of for his college career.

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