McCarthy Close to Announcing?

Youngstown Cardinal Mooney super prospect Danny McCarthy has been the object of an intense recruiting battle between the "Big Four" of the Mid-West. Even Stanford has become a player for McCarthy's services. Is D-Mac close to making a decision?

"I'm still down to five schools on my list," Dan McCarthy declared on Monday. "It's still Penn State, Stanford, Michigan, Notre Dame and Ohio State. Those are in no particular order either."

Youngstown Cardinal Mooney's star Danny McCarthy indicated that, although he's still listing the same five schools, he just might be ready to narrow his list down a little more in the distant future.

"I'm pretty sure I'm done with visits," McCarthy explained. "I've been to all five schools and I have a pretty good idea about all of them. It's getting to be time to start sorting things out and making a decision."

McCarthy, who is being recruited as a defensive back, insists he hasn't set a date to announce his choice and also indicated he has not made a final decision yet.

"It will come down to whenever I feel I've made the right choice and when I feel it's the right time to make it known," McCarthy said. "When that takes place I'll make it known and go from there. I definitely want to get it done before the season starts and it could come before then. It just comes down to whenever it feels right, I'll come out with it."

McCarthy also talked about the friendship with teammate Mike Zordich, and whether Zordich committing to Penn State would influence his decision.

"We've talked about how cool it would be to play together," McCarthy added. "He's a great friend but we both know that each of us has to do what's best for us as individuals. It isn't a huge factor really in my decision."

McCarthy's brother, Kyle, is a safety at Notre Dame and Danny admitted he's intrigued with the thought of joining his brother in South Bend. Kyle McCarthy will be a red-shirt sophomore in 2007, so the brothers would have two seasons to play together should Danny select the Fighting Irish.

"Kyle will be battling for the free safety position this fall and we've talked about us playing together," McCarthy noted. "Even the nickel spot is open so Kyle's just hoping to get on the field this year. We would have two years to play together because he red-shirted as a freshman. I think about it but I'm trying not to let that make my decision for me because I have to find the place where I fit in the best and what the best spot is for me. Kyle understands that totally. We spent time together at Notre Dame a couple weeks ago and we had a great time. I was in Columbus for a family wedding and spent time at Ohio State's camp the day before I went to Notre Dame."

Speaking of Ohio State's senior camp, McCarthy had plenty to say about the Buckeyes and head coach Jim Tressel. He also spent some time with former Buckeye defensive back Dustin Fox and the two formed an instant friendship.

"I hung out with Dustin at camp and he was cool," McCarthy noted. "He's definitely a great guy. You could tell he's got his priorities in order. He's a great football player and a great person. It was easy to see why he's been so successful.'

"Coach [Jim] Tressel is someone my family and I have gotten to know quite well. He's from Youngstown and we got to know him really well when he was recruiting my brother. He's definitely a sincere person and a great person, as well as a great coach. It's no secret why their program is where it's at today."

McCarthy also indicated that he's been in contact with the "unofficial" Buckeye recruiting team, ld by commits Mike Brewster and Jake Stoneburner.

"I talk to Brewster and Stoneburner pretty often," McCarthy admitted. "I've become pretty good friends with them and they're a good group of guys. Ohio State is putting together a really impressive class and those guys are doing a great job helping get it going. I've thought about what it might be like to be playing with those guys some day." At 6' 2" and 195 pounds, it's no secret why Danny McCarthy is one of the top prospects in not only Ohio, but in the Mid-West. Add in the fact that he's a legitimate 4.45 forty guy, combined with great intelligence, and you have a player that is a real difference maker on and off the field. Whichever school lands the services of Danny McCarthy can be assured they are getting a quality player and person.

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