Welcomes Buckeye Sports Bulletin is pleased to announce major staff additions to the Scout Ohio State Site content team.

For nearly 30 years, Frank Moskowitz and his team of writers at Buckeye Sports Bulletin magazine has built a reputation of credible, responsible, and thorough coverage of Ohio State athletics. Earlier this year, Scout partnered with Moskowitz to offer Buckeye Sports Bulletin magazine in it's annual subscription bundle. The partnership worked well, and Scout and BSB decided to deepen the relationship.

Today, is pleased to announce that the entire content team from Buckeye Sports Bulletin Magazine and will be joining Scout's current Ohio State staff.

Patrick Crumb, GM of said ""We are very excited to partner with Frank Moskowitz and his team at Buckeye Sports Bulletin. Our Ohio State site is already one of the top subscription sites in the entire Scout network. Buckeye Sports Bulletin is the dominant print publication covering Ohio State sports. By combining Scout's strength in online community and recruiting coverage with BSB's credentialed editorial team, we will provide the best possible coverage for our combined 25,000 paid subscribers, as well as the hundreds of thousands of other Buckeye fans who view our coverage online and through Scout's distribution relationships.

"We are pleased to be partnering with Scout to create what we believe will be the most comprehensive, informative and entertaining Ohio State website available," BSB publisher Frank Moskowitz said. "The addition of the Scout team and its many resources is an outstanding complement to our existing staff and should help make the site a compelling destination for any Buckeye fan."

BSB's team, led by managing editor Mark Rea, will focus heavily on daily team news as well as provide in-depth recruit stories and interviews. Regional Expert, Bob Lichtenfels, will manage the day-to-day recruiting coverage in cooperation with BSB's staff, as well as current staffers Bill Greene, Kyle Lamb, Josh Winslow, and Scout's own Greg Powers and Dave Berk. Of course, nevadabuck remains a critical part of the team as a Buckeye fan's best inside source on team and recruiting news.

The BSB team will contribute extensive content production and community interaction, and the integration has been crafted with the Buckeye subscriber in mind. Although integration of BSB's website ( will occur over the course of this month, you will start seeing BSB content and staff on the site immediately.

If you are a current annual subscriber to Scout's Ohio State Site, nothing will change other than you'll receive MORE content through this partnership with BSB. If you are a current annual subscriber (Scarlet Plan) to Buckeye Sports Bulletin's online product, your subscription will be ultimately transferred over to Scout for the remainder of your subscription period. There will be more information on this process over the course of the next several weeks. In the interim, will continue to provide premium content on their Site.

Scout's partnership with BSB will give Ohio State fans the best of all possible worlds when it comes to team and recruiting coverage. As noted, a partnership of this magnitude takes a fair amount of time to develop. We could have gone the quick and easy route by hiring some additional staff, but instead decided to pursue the best possible scenario for Buckeye fans. Scout wishes to thank all Scout/Ohio State subscribers that stuck with us through the process. We are confident that the end result is a just reward for your patience and loyalty. We would like to add a special note of thanks to Bill Greene, Kyle Lamb, nevadabuck, Bob Lichtenfels, Greg Powers, Dave Berk and Josh Winslow --- Scout is ever-grateful for their efforts and patience as we worked on putting together the partnership with BSB.

Stay tuned for an introduction to the newest members of the Scout Ohio State content team staff.

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