Ohio Ranking Breakdown: 6-10

After Midwest Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels compiled the first 2007 Ohio version of the state rankings, we felt that it would make it interesting if we all gave our analysis of each individual prospect.

We have all seen these guys in person, so we figured let's break them down and give you three separate points of view. We feel this is the best set of Ohio rankings you'll find anywhere and a lot of hours went into compiling them from Bob along with the input of Dave Berk, Greg Powers and Bill Greene. Check inside for player breakdowns on 6-10....

10. Michael Shaw – Trotwood-Madison – RB


Bob Lichtenfels: During last years playoff's Michael Shaw had a huge buzz surrounding him for the job he did for Kettering Alter. Shaw transferred to Trotwood-Madison and has really seen his recruitment pick up. Michigan and Penn State covet him and those two schools have a great tradition of outstanding running backs and that is good enough for me. He could compete in college early, but if he is allowed to take his time he could be a monster.

Greg Powers: Michael Shaw is one of my favorite players in this class. He is a bolt of lightning that is able to pop to the outside and make some big plays. Some people are worried about his ability to get it done in between the tackles on the next level, but similar to Boom Herron last year I think that he shows enough burst and explosion to be a surprisingly tough runner. In addition to be an outstanding athlete on the football field, he is also one of the brightest track stars in the state and boasts a blazing fast 21.3 200-meters. The move to Trotwood-Madison will allow Shaw to play in a much different offense than what we saw him play for last season at Alter, as the Rams run the spread. It will be interesting to see how Shaw performs as he plays an entire season against a tough GWOC schedule. All of the schools that have offered Shaw have offered as a running back, but this stubborn analyst can still not help but think Shaw's "money" position may actually be as a defensive back.

Bill Greene: Go watch the D-III championship game if you doubt Shaw's ability. He positively torched a very good Steubenville defense. They knew he was coming but they were powerless to stop him. Great speed and change of direction make Shaw a perfect running back prospect. I think he could be a great shut-down cornerback as well, but why take the football out of his hands? He has the frame to add 10-15 pounds of muscle and still retain his speed. Shaw just might be the best all-around athlete in the state in 2007. He should put up huge numbers and be a strong candidate for Mr. Football.

Dave Berk: If not for Devoe Torrence the top back in Ohio for this class would be Shaw. Size and physical ability make him an every down back. You name it and Michael Shaw can do it. Whatever you ask Michael Shaw to do he's able to get the job done. If you need a block he'll get to his man and make the block. You need a tough two yards he'll get it. Catch a pass for a first down he'll get the new set of downs and more. This year will be different for Shaw as he'll go from the run offense of Kettering Alter to the spread of Trotwood-Madison and having to share the ball with the Rams other offensive talents. This won't be a problem for Shaw as he's a team player looking to make a return trip to the finals. Quick feet with the ability to cut and make defenders miss to go with a strong leg drive make Shaw a threat every time he touches the ball. Understands following his blockers to get the most out of each carry.

9. Cordale Scott – Glenville – WR


Bob: Another standout prospect from Ted Ginn Sr.'s Glenville program. Scott earned my respect this year when he rode in a car and slept on his way from a track meet to our Pittsburgh Combine and didn't miss a beat. Most kids would not have done that and Cordale did not think twice about it. Some question whether or not he ends up staying on offense or if he makes the switch to defense. It doesn't matter; the kid is a player regardless.

Greg: Cordale Scott is exactly what everyone thought he was going to be. He is a big wide receiver that is blessed with the ability and instincts to make big play after big play down the field in the vertical passing game. Kyle Jefferson got a lot of talk last year, but I believe Scott was the best receiver on the team. People have started to talk about him making a move to defense, but I just like what he brings to the table offensively. He may not be the most nimble receiver in the state, in and out of his breaks, but Michael Jenkins was not a wow factor receiver and he is doing alright for himself in the NFL.

Bill: The more I see Cordale Scott, the more convinced I am that he plays defense at the next level. I see Scott getting up to 225 pounds and playing WIL linebacker in college. He could also be a dynamite receiver as well. In recruiting there is a school of thought that says "Just take him and find a position for him later." This theory was devised for a player like Cordale Scott. A really long and lean athlete, that will become a great player on the college level. We just don't know what position he'll play or on what side of the ball.

Dave: I've seen Cordale a couple of times during the summer and came away impressed with his physical abilities. But on each occasion I felt he really wasn't into performing at camp and it showed with dropped balls and such. But I've seen enough to know Cordale Scott is a major talent with major upside. Is he a receiver? Does he move to defense? If you go just by his camp performances you'd be quick to say defense, but the tape doesn't lie and the type of catches he's made during his career are those of a major talent. Physical size and natural athletic ability will take Scott to college, but the work he does once there will determine if he's another NFL'er out of the Ginn / Glenville pipeline.

8. Dan McCarthy – Cardinal Mooney – S


Bob: McCarthy is one of if not the most athletic kid in this class of Ohio prospects. Some coaches feel he can play quarterback, some see him as a potential All-American safety or WILL linebacker down the road. Like any other Mooney kid we talk about, he is a great kid who could end up being a captain for someone. The kid is a winner and the kind of player who win's championships.

Greg: McCarthy just explodes out of your TV screen when watching the highlights. He is an electric offensive player running a very successful and powerful Cardinal offense. It is hard to get a read on his abilities sometimes because the team is just so good, but he moves exceptionally well and I think he has great hips. I think he could have a successful division one career at receiver, safety, or cornerback on the next level. He has been offered by all of the Midwest power programs, so that should tell you what type of player that he is regarded as. He is a winner, and that is an intangible that is sometimes overlooked.

Bill: Scout readers are probably tired of reading about me saying every other player is one of my favorite kids in this class, but these are such great people that it's hard to not write that. I'll admit to being partial toward the Cardinal Mooney players and that's a credit to head coach P. J. Fecko and his staff. McCarthy combines intelligence, toughness and great speed to be a top prospect. I see him as a future star at safety but I also think he could make a fine wide receiver in the Anthony Gonzalez mode. He is a kid you win championships with. Offers from Michigan, Penn State, Notre Dame and Ohio State are all you really need to know about Danny McCarthy.

Dave: Unlike his older brother Kyle, Dan McCarthy is a well known prospect and not taking anyone by surprise. A high school quarterback, McCarthy will play on the defensive side of the ball and excel at the college level. Not only is McCarthy a great athlete, but he's an athlete who'll give you every ounce of his ability on every play. College coaches love a kid who knows how to win and McCarthy fully understands a champion's attitude. What I really like about Dan is his fluid movement on the field and overall physical toughness.

7. Brandon Moore – Trotwood-Madison – TE


Bob: With all of the talent at the tight end position and the fact that Moore made an early commitment, he tends to get less pub then some of the other guys in the state. Make no mistake about it, Moore has amazing potential and could eventually be the best player in this class. Kids just don't come around everyday with his size and athletic ability.

Greg: Brandon Moore made the move to receiver last year in Coach Beckham's high powered spread offense, and that has made people think that he is not going to be able to handle blocking in a Big 10 offense, but they forget that before the new system was instituted Moore was making a name for himself by opening lanes for a balanced rushing attack. What I am trying to say is he can do it all, and he is only beginning to grow in to his massive frame. He has a long wing span and has huge soft hands for reeling in passes. He racked up offers from a virtual who's who of colleges across the Country before pulling the trigger on a commitment to Michigan.

Bill: Moore's film is as impressive as any tight end in Ohio since Irizzary. He should be able to play at 250 pounds and still be able to stretch the field vertically. Hard to understand the lack of interest from Ohio State and I really think this guy will blossom into something special at Michigan. He reminds me of an SEC-type tight end, the kind that get drafted by the NFL every year. Aside from the great speed, he has the ability to go and get the football in a crowd and possesses great leaping ability.

Dave: Brandon Moore is not your typical tight end when you look at his physical skills. He's a wide receiver in a tight ends frame and many teams picked up on that and worked hard to get a commitment. The funny thing is Moore's football future is even brighter as he'll continue to get bigger and stronger. Great body control while being capable of getting yards after the catch makes Moore a dangerous threat and a major prospect in any state. Size, physical future growth and hands make Brandon Moore a Top 10 Ohio talent.

6. Kevin Koger – Whitmer – TE


Bob: Everytime I see more film of this kid I like him more. The term "Big Athlete" is so cliché, because it is used so often, but it definitely suits Kevin Koger. The amazing part of it is that I don't believe he has even scratched the surface yet. He is still raw and has amazing potential. Early on he was expected to be a Wolverine, but the Buckeyes have closed the gap.

Greg: Koger was a late arrival on the recruiting scene, but he could not have made a bigger impact. Coaches that were recruiting him could not say enough good things about him. He would have a bevy of offers if he did not profess his affinity to play at Ohio State or Michigan almost instantly upon his arrival to the national radar. Like Moore he has a great frame that is only starting to develop. He is an impressive specimen on the defensive side of the ball as well, and there is a strong chance that he could play that position on the next level for some programs.

Bill: Koger has the ability to play on either side of the football, but I know he prefers tight end and I think that's where he plays at Ohio State, if he commits to the Buckeyes. He had a great game against Massillon in the playoffs and he darn near won that game by himself. Nice combination of size and speed. Koger runs track and seems to have the type of frame that will be able to add weight and strength. I believe he could also succeed at defensive end in the Big-10 as well. A really nice looking prospect.

Dave: I was the first to write about Toledo's "Two-Way" star athlete back in March. Kevin Koger is only going to get better if he continues working hard. He's got a great physical frame to work with and you can see he's only going to get stronger and bigger. Great balance to go with his speed and quickness make him a threat on the offensive side of the ball. His explosion off the line with an ability to make plays makes him a threat on defense. Flip a coin and there is a good chance Kevin Koger will excel on the side of the ball you place him.

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