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No matter how much you look at a recruiting class you'll find players going under the radar until they have an outstanding performance at a camp or combine, or like this player make a physical move to another school. See what changes have happen in just a short time for this Dayton area prospect.

Anytime a kid makes a change from one school to another questions arise.  For Norman Young the answer was simple and the move an easy one to make.

At almost 6-foot-2, 185-pounds, Young wasn't hearing from any colleges regarding their interest in his football abilities and recruiting status.

"I'd ask my coach if any colleges were showing interest in me and he keep saying he'd sent out tape but hadn't heard anything back.  I just felt there was something wrong and couldn't understand why I wasn't hearing from any colleges.  So I made the choice to change schools and go to Trotwood-Madison and see if that helped any.  I've known Coach Doug (Maurice Douglas) for awhile and had seen the success he was having with getting players to college."

The move worked a short time later as Young traveled to a few camps with Coach Douglas and other members of the Rams team.  With his on-field performances college coaches took notice and started making offers to the talented cornerback/wide receiver prospect.  

"I'd only been with Trotwood for two days and had offers from Ball State, Central Michigan, Toledo, Bowling Green and Eastern Michigan.  A few coaches said they'd tried to get my tape but were never able to get it.  So the move paid off and I'm working hard trying to get a few more schools to show interest."

For Young, the change from a program where he's been the star to one full of stars hasn't been such a change.

"I love it, I'm being pushed to play harder and I know this is making me a better player.  I've never seen anything like it (amount of talent) before and know we now have got to put it all together and use it to win a state championship."

What other programs have been showing interest in Young?

"I camped at Michigan and their coach worked a lot with me and told me they will be watching me early this season.  I also have programs like Kansas and Cincinnati showing interest.  We're going to Cincinnati this week for a 7-on-7 event and I hope they see what type of player I am."

With several offers in hand Young is in no hurry to make a college choice.

"Right now I'm just taking everything in and have no sure timeline on making a college choice.  I'll speak with my coaches and family soon to get an idea of what they think is best before doing anything."

Not only did Trotwood pick up a great looking football prospect, but Young also brings previous experience in track and was part of the 4x200 and 4x400 relay teams for his former school.  In talking with one of the Rams players he informs us that while Michael Shaw was the fastest player on the team he's now got competition from Young and has even beat him several times.

We'll have film on Norman later in the week along with more information on how his recruiting is going.

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