DeVoe "I Want a State Title"

Ohio State commit DeVoe Torrence raised a lot of eyebrows with his transfer from Canton South to Massillon. He has been reluctant to discuss the move but agreed to do so with Bill Greene has the inside on one of the top players in the Mid-West.

DeVoe Torrence sent shock waves across Ohio when he announced this spring that he would be transferring to Massillon. In an exclusive interview with Torrence discussed the move and spoke about how he's been received in Tigertown.

"I love this program so far," Torrence spoke of his transfer to Massillon. "It was difficult coming from Canton South because I was an outsider and I know people were wondering why I transferred. Now we're coming together as a team and things are getting a lot better as I get to know everybody and they get to know me."

There were many rumors floating around about why the transfer took place but Torrence said there were no sinister reasons for the move. He simply wants a chance to win a state championship.

"It was nothing against Canton South or their coaches at all," Torrence continued. "I still love Canton South and the program. Coach [Moe] Daniska was great to me and I will still root for those guys. I still have friends there. It was just that this was my senior year and I always wanted to play for Massillon. I have always admired the schedule they play and the great fans that follow this team. I want to be part of a state championship and I'm not sure that could be possible at Canton South. It is at Massillon if all of us believe it and work toward it. Plus I feel that playing at the highest level of competition will better prepare me to succeed at Ohio State. I want to play as a true freshman and this will help me toward that goal."

Torrence is known as a very goal oriented person and he was asked about his expectations for himself and his team.

"My first goal is for us to come together as a team," Torrence said. "We need to be committed to winning every single game we play from Day One. It starts the first day of practice and we need to have a championship mindset. I expect a lot from myself and I expect a lot from this team. We have talent but we need to play as a team and work as a team. I think we can do good things this year."

"I don't really like individual goals to be honest," he said seriously. "I mean rushing for a thousand yards would be cool. Making over a hundred tackles would be sweet too. But those things aren't that big of a deal really. I'd like to be a leader on this team. There are a lot of seniors on this team and everybody is still feeling their way. Once the pads come on and we see who can play, then we'll know who will lead this team. Just winning games is my ultimate goal. Whether it's Massillon, Canton South or Ohio State, I expect my team to win. People said we couldn't win at Canton South but we made it to the playoffs and won the first playoff game in their history. I'm prouder of that than making All-Ohio."

Even though he is a solid commit to Ohio State that has not stopped other schools from continuing to recruit Torrence. He admits they don't seem to be giving up on trying to lure him away from the Buckeyes, where he will play with his brother,Devon, who is a year older and will enroll at Ohio State this fall.

"Michigan and Michigan State have never stopped recruiting me," Torrence said with a laugh. "They said they will never stop trying too. I don't care. They text message me all the time, nearly every day, sometimes a lot. Occasionally I answer them back but mostly I ignore them. There are a few others but those two are the most persistent. I'm solid for Ohio State. There is no doubt about that."

Torrence said he has formed a solid friendship with some of his fellow commits and is looking forward to all of them playing together at Ohio State.

"Man we talk all the time," Torrence admitted. "I'm not big on talking a lot, but Mike Brewster and Jake Stoneburner are text messaging all the time. Those guys are crazy. Mostly I talk with Devier Posey and Mike Adams. We speak pretty often really. We will be like a big family when we all finally get together. I love that. We all had a great time at camp. We didn't do a lot of the drills but we hung out and got to know each other better. We hung out together Friday night but I had to go home early and didn't get to spend the night. I tried to talk with Terrelle Pryor but he was kind of quiet really. The Ohio State coaches were on him hard and he seemed to be having a great time. That's the dude I want to play quarterback for us. Terrelle can lead us to where we want to go. I think he knows that."

Torrence also spoke of missing his older brother who is finishing up his minor league baseball commitment prior to joining the Buckeyes for fall practice. This will be the first year the two brothers will be separated and not on the same team.

"I talk with him all the time," he said. "I miss having him around but he's working hard at baseball. He has struggled but he's coming along. He said the pitching is so different than what he's ever seen but he'll be fine. Devon always finds a way to succeed. I'll try to get to as many Ohio State games as I can this year. I have to check our schedule because we play some Saturday games. I'd like to go to all of them and stay with Devon all weekend. I don't think Devon is going to red-shirt this year. I think he's going to play. I have a lot of confidence in him and I know coach [Jim] Tressel is looking forward to getting Devon on the field. I know I'm not going to red-shirt when I get there. I'm going to work hard and be ready to contribute my first year."

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