Is Mr. Excitement Still on Buckeye Radar?

Akron Buchtel star athlete Johnny Adams has racked up over 14 offers. He's long been thought to be a player who could eventually receive a Buckeye offer. Is he still in contact with the Ohio State staff? Bill Greene checks in with the latest on Adams. caught up with Akron Buchtel's Johnny Adams just prior to Adams taking the field against Canton McKinley in the Griffins first scrimmage. "Mr. Excitement" has an impressive scholarship offer list and he talked about where his recruitment is at the moment.

"Right now not much is going on with recruiting," Adams began. "I'm just waiting to get my senior year under way and I'm hoping to see this team be successful. I'm just taking it all in stride. I'm not stressing about recruiting at all. When the time is right I'll sit down with my family and we'll talk it over and see what's best for me. I'm satisfied with my offer list and I'll wait to see if any new offers come in."

Adams, who holds offers from the likes of West Virginia, Pitt, Michigan State and others, claims he has no leader at this time. He is considering every school that has offered him and he has made no effort to cut his list.

"To me all the offers are big offers," he said. "People try to get me to name a favorite or a leader, but every school is equal to me. I'm thankful for every school that has shown interest in me. I thank God for how fortunate I am to be in this position. Every school is equal to me, from West Virginia to Akron."

Would Adams actually consider spurning offers from Big East and Big-10 schools and stay home to play for the Zips? He answered that question honestly and sincerely.

"Like I told you, any school that offered me is someone I will look closely at," Adams explained. "No school has been eliminated, even schools that haven't offered me yet. Of course I'm considering Akron. This is my city and they're a program on the rise. Part of me would like to see the Akron kids stay home and build this program into a powerhouse. Akron is doing a good job recruiting. Coach Reno [Ferri] is a nice guy and we have a good relationship. I really have a good relationship with all the schools that have offered me. I've gotten to know a lot of the recruiters very well. I'm enjoying this entire recruiting process and I don't feel any pressure or stress at all. I wish some of these schools would offer my teammate, Cameron Alexander. He's a great player and he can play at the next level. People are missing the boat with Cameron."

Adams has no plans to take any unofficial visits this fall. He also has set no timetable for announcing which schools he will take official visits with. He's totally focused on having a great season and making his team successful.

"I have no plans to visit anyone soon at all," Adams exclaimed. "I'm just sitting back and waiting to see what happens. I think there's a long way to go for my recruiting stuff. I know ca lot of guys like to get it out of the way early but I'm not feeling that way at all. I have no idea what schools I will take official visits to. At some point, I'll sit down with my family and we'll come up with the right schools to visit. I'm not even thinking about that now."

Adams has maintained close contact with Ohio State all along. He is still talking with the Buckeyes and is not upset about the lack of a Buckeye offer.

"I'm still in contact with the coaches, just like I always have been," Adams said. "I still love Ohio State, but it's not something I'm waiting for. If they decide to offer me, I would feel honored. I know they're being really cautious and they're trying to get the best players they can. They treat me good and I'll just see what happens. Since the text message (ban) happened, we kind of made an arrangement to stay in touch. I always call them at least once a week, sometimes twice, just to stay in touch. They want to know how I'm doing and I check with them to see how things are going with them. Coach [Taver] Johnson and I are cool. We have a nice relationship and if they want me they will ask me. I like Jim Tressel a lot. I sat in his office after camp and we just talked about a lot of things. He said I performed well and that I was a good player. We just have to see what happens."

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