Captain's Corner - IU Game Thoughts

I thought it was a solid victory.  The Hoosiers were limited with scholarships, flooded with 1st and 2nd year players, and looked very average coming into the Horseshoe.  Well, that is not OSU's fault.  It is our job to show up and win Big Ten games and that is exactly what we did on Saturday.  We won by four touchdowns.

I think it is time to put to rest the "our play-calling is too conservative" attitude.  We came out firing.  Incomplete to Jenkins, complete to Ross, quarterback draw, fake punt, incomplete to Jenkins, complete to Jenkins, incomplete to Clarett.  That was the first series for our offense.  We had 3 receivers in the game.  We lined up in empty sets.  We released both our backs.  It was opened up.  Now we ended up punting, and things weren't executed perfectly, but everyone that wanted to see things opened up saw just that.  I firmly believe it is a game of what players execute the best.  It is not a chess match of what coach calls the best plays.

This game proves that field position is a HUGE deal.  Look at the first half.  Groom puts a punt down at the seven, which eventually gives us field position at the 50…touchdown Buckeyes.  Two drives later we get the ball on the 44…touchdown Buckeyes.  Final drive of the half, a Gamble return and a personal foul gives us the ball on the IU 45…touchdown Buckeyes.  All three of our scores came from great field position.  Check the first half stat sheet and you will see very similar first downs, very similar third down conversions, very similar time of possession, very similar turnovers, and even the total yardage was pretty equal.  But it was our field position that gave us a nice lead.

Many people are grumbling about our pass defense.  I see a cornerback issue just like everyone else, but I am not overly concerned about our pass defense.  Look at the way teams are attacking us.  We have played teams that choose to throw the ball.  Does 283 passing yards for IU worry me?  Yes.  Does 283 passing yards and only 56 rushing yards for IU worry me?  No.  We should panic when we see teams pass AND run against us.  If a team spreads you out with a good quarterback, they will get their yards in the air.  Just bottle up everything else and tackle well and things will turn out okay.

Clarett is a stud.  Perfect example of the Clarett-factor was that first drive in the second half.  Clarett for 23.  Clarett for 8.  Clarett for 7.  Clarett for 5.  Fake to Clarett, reverse into the boundary for a touchdown.  He wears people down.  He gets defenders thinking, "How do I tackle this beast without getting embarrassed."  All of the sudden their defense is not getting off blocks like they should and Gamble is running by them.

Buckeye Leaves…

Scott McMullen-Craig Krenzel is without a doubt my starting quarterback that is running the team, but let's face it, you need to have two guys.  Craig is a turned ankle, or a hand to a helmet, or a bruised rib away from sitting out a few weeks.  McMullen came in and spread the ball around nice.

Shane Olivea-He gave a banged up, shuffled around offensive line some stability.  He has the mean streak I like to see in offensive linemen.

Simon Fraser-Literally gets better every week.  The scary thing is…he was awesome in week one.

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