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With the start of the 2007 high school season we often get the chance to watch some of the top underclassmen take the field and perform. Some we'll have to wait and see how they progress, while others show signs of being the top in their class. This 2010 prospect looks early to fit in the latter.

Trenton Edgewood may not be known for producing a large amount of college prospects, but head coach Steve Channell has built one of Ohio's top prep programs over the years.  This season the Cougars have several players that make Coach Channell excited about the upcoming season and beyond.

With veteran leadership from senior running back John Elder, the Cougars have one of Ohio's top sophomores in offensive / defensive lineman Taylor Miller.  At 6-foot-5, 295-pounds, Miller has already seen several college programs take notice and invite him to games this fall.

What makes Miller special is his size and athletic ability.  Yes, there is still work to be done by Miller, but we're talking a sophomore who can play against anyone in Ohio and excel.  Thursday night had the chance to watch Miller during Edgewood's game against Kings.  While the outcome didn't go the Cougars way, Miller showed why he'll be considered one of Ohio's top prospects for the Class of 2010.

Strengths: While I like linemen to be a little slimmer at this stage, Miller shows the ability to move and bend.  He's got nice arm extension and shows great strength in his run blocking ability.  If he gets a hold of you you're done.  During this game Miller came up with a ball and had no problem getting down the field for a player his size.

Weakness: Weight and conditioning are two of my early concerns.  At 295-pounds many will say that is a positive, but the worry is how heavy he will become.  If he can maintain his present weight and get stronger he'll have no problems, but I'd like to see him get into the 285-290 area and stay there.  Because of the excessive heat it's hard to say what type of overall shape he's in.  On several plays he'd stop and not continue.  Keep in mind he's also playing on both sides of the ball and on this night it was very hot in the mid to high 90's.

Overall: I really like what I see from Taylor and feel he's got a great chance to be one of the top players in the Class of 2010.  As for what position he'll play, right now I'd project him as a guard with the chance to play tackle.  It's early and I can't wait to see how Taylor Miller develops in the next couple of years.


Here is a video clip taken from Edgewood's game against Kings.

Taylor Miller Video:

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