Across The State: Week Three

In week three, BSB staffer Adam Jardy chronicles his trip to Pennsylvania to see Terrelle Pryor.

After a one-week hiatus that can only be attributed to laziness on my part, Across the State returns for another adventure that actually took me beyond Ohio's borders yet again.

Not satisfied with crossing into another state to see Josh Jenkins play in Parkersburg, W.Va., I headed east on I-70 to see top-ranked quarterback prospect Terrelle Pryor play a road game against the Washington (Pa.) Prexies. What's a Prexie, you ask? You'll find out soon enough.

Anyway, the drive to Washington from Columbus actually takes you through a tiny sliver of West Virginia before you arrive in Pennsylvania, meaning that this trip would see me take in three states. A new Across the State record!

Armed with a half-dozen CDs and a co-pilot for the first time this season, I actually got to eat a decent meal before the game started. Normally Friday night is fried food night, when I desperately try to find healthy food at the local McDonald's, but this time I pulled over at Bob Evans.

While there, I saw my first mullet. The count had begun – and it would reach a full half-dozen before the night was over. When will people learn?

Washington's stadium was literally located on the top of a hill overlooking the freeway. There were stands on just one side of the field, and they would prove to not be enough to handle the crowd on hand to see Pryor.

With about 20 minutes remaining before kickoff, the public-address announcer informed the crowd that, for those who could not find seats, they would be permitted to stand behind the north end zone. There, a line of yellow police tape separated where fans could stand and where players might be running.

By the time the game started, at least 50 people were milling about behind the line. When the results of the 50/50 drawing were announced, the winner brought home $1,051. The hot rumor was that OSU head coach Jim Tressel was in attendance, but I did not see him.

The game was also being broadcast on local television, which absolutely delighted a middle-aged woman sitting about six rows in front of me. After a cameraman panned the crowd, she whipped out her cell phone and placed a call.

"We were on TV!" she yelled, excitedly. The thrill never gets old, I suppose.

From my point in the stands, I spotted a sign on the opposite side of the stadium designed to support the hometown Prexies.

"Prexies, were #1!" it read. It's a shame that whoever made the sign forgot a dreadfully important apostrophe that would have changed the meaning of the entire message.

As for the game itself, Pryor was on a different plane of existence than those around him. Appearing to run at half-speed, the 6-6, 220-pound prospect simply glided past Washington's defenders before being removed midway through the third quarter with the outcome well in hand.

At the half, the announcer informed the crowd that because Jeannette was leading by more than 35 points the game would adopt a running clock in the second half.

The biggest question surrounding Pryor is where he will attend college, but I think I might have come up with an answer. When I saw Jenkins play two weeks prior, the majority of the college attire in the crowd was either for West Virginia or Ohio State – the two schools it appears his final decision will come down to.

Using that same logic, I have come up with a list of the top three schools for Pryor: OSU, West Virginia and Indiana. You heard it here first.

After a lopsided victory, the Jayhawks celebrated on the field after their coach, Ray Reitz, game them a post-game debriefing. While the team was jumping around, however, Pryor was donning a headset to answer questions from the network broadcasting the game. For a second, it looked like the all-everything quarterback might not have relished his stardom – and I couldn't blame him.

And for the record, the term "Prexies" is a slang term for presidents. That solves that mystery.

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