Swain still open

The Buckeyes are making progress in Sweet Home Alabama with Huntsville WR Jayson Swain. Here's what he said in our most recent interview.

The state of Alabama is generally not a place where OSU has had recruiting success in the past, but this year, they are making progress in that state.  One player who is looking in the Buckeyes' direction is WR Jayson Swain from Virgil Grissom High in Huntsville, AL.  Swain is a big-timer who is currently rated as the #65 overall prospect in America by TheInsiders.com.  He has yet to narrow things down a whole lot when it comes to colleges, and for good reason. 

"I have not really thought about my five (visits) yet," Jayson said.  "I have been focused on getting a state championship and have not narrowed it down yet. I am not going to think about it much until the season is over."

One school Swain does think about is Ohio State.

"I really like Ohio State," he said. "I like coach Tressel a lot. It is looking pretty good for a visit. I like the tradition too."

As far as the in-state schools go, Jayson is still considering one of them.

"I am not really looking at Auburn anymore," he said. "I am still looking at Alabama. They play like a family. Like they really want to win for each other. I talked to Brodie Croyle. He is a good guy."

Jayson may make his way up to OSU for The Game if his team is not still going after that state title.

"I am looking at making it up to Columbus for the Michigan game," he said. "It will be determined by if we are still in the playoffs."

Jayson once was looking at the Wolverines as well, but he said "I am not really looking at Michigan anymore."

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