Bucknotes - 10/4

Today in Bucknotes, we talk about Scott McMullen at QB, Chris Gamble at punt returner, Nate Salley at cornerback, Mike Kne at back-signer, and Redgie Arden at underwear signer.

Chris Gamble has absolutely no fear as a punt returner. He is one of those old-school tough guys who would rather get one-yard than make a fair-catch. And with this year's stricter halo penalty (10 yards instead of five) defenders are going to be backing off more than usual. This will give the fearless Gamble a little more room to operate and it's a matter of time before he breaks one.

Backup quarterback Scott McMullen had his best game as a Buckeye in the win over Indiana. Like any athlete, McMullen wants to play more, but he is more worried about what he can do to help the team. He thinks the better he plays, the better starter Craig Krenzel will play. Competition breeds greatness.  "Obviously I want to push for more playing time," McMullen said. "I think that will make Craig a little better and the team a little better. We are all trying to bring the best out in each other."

Here was a comment from Adrien Clarke from earlier this week... "Coach (Jim) Bollman is doing a great job cycling in offensive linemen, giving us a break when need a break and putting in someone else who can get the job done as well."
It's unfortunate that Clarke is a bit out of shape and needs that break from time to time, but he has played well when he's been in there and I like his attitude. He is buying into the "team first" attitude and is willing to just be part of that cycle... And suddenly, there is depth on the O-Line. You've got the five junior starters, freshmen Rob Sims and Nick Mangold and emerging walk-on Mike Kne. This group has played better than most expected and Bollman is a big reason why.

You've got to wonder what the people at Michigan think about this year's Big Ten schedule. We've discussed this before, but how fortunate is it that the Buckeyes play Indiana and Northwestern and don't play Iowa and Michigan State? And on the flip side, Michigan doesn't play IU and NU, but plays Iowa and MSU. You can almost hear Lloyd Carr whining from here.

Look for freshman Nate Salley to eventually get his shot on the island this year. He is not a candidate to crack the starting lineup, but I like the thought of the 6-foot-3 Salley going up for balls against smaller receivers. Fellow freshmen Tyler Everett and Brandon Mitchell are both safeties and if the coaching staff plans on moving Dustin Fox to safety next year, it might be a good idea to get Salley some reps at corner. Salley has spent most of his time at safety this year, but has received some reps at corner in practice.

Were starting QBs in high school, each at good programs (Groom: Bishop Hartley; Nuge: Centerville). These guys are football players, not soccer players on loan. "They are definitely one of the guys," special teams coach Luke Fickell said. "You don't always see that from kickers, but they are a big part of this team."

The fear of the No. 13... A few Big Ten teams just came down with a bad case of this.

Might or might not play this week against Penn State. But I can't imagine he'd have his timing down enough to play well.

How many times have you wondered that after a bad call by a ref? Well, we learned this week that the Big Ten is cracking down on poor officiating. Four league refs have been "deleted" from future assignments for blowing calls in Purdue's loss to Wake Forest on Sept. 21. It's nice to know that the Big Ten is doing something about incompetent refs.

Redgie Arden and Mike Kne served as the lab rats this time...

1. Favorite Buckeye Tradition?
Arden: Gold pants
Kne: Gold pants

2. Largest figure in OSU football history?
Arden: Archie Griffin
Kne: Woody Hayes

3. Strangest thing a fan asked you to autograph?
Arden: Pair of underwear
Kne: Their back

4. Favorite NFL team?
Arden: Browns
Kne: Browns

5. Favorite pro sports team, not including football?
Arden: Reds
Kne: Indians

6. If you could go on a date with anyone, who would it be?
Arden: Jennifer Aniston
Kne: Jessica Alba (Dark Angel)

7. If you could go on a free two-week vacation, where would you go?
Arden: Cancun
Kne: Bahamas

8. Favorite type of music/favorite musician?
Arden: Heavy metal (when working out), Rap/Outkast
Kne: Country/Tim McGraw, Toby Keith

9. Favorite hobby?
Arden: Playing basketball
Kne: Playing video games

10. Favorite food?
Arden: Peanut butter and jelly
Kne: BLT

11. Favorite movie/TV show?
Arden: Saving Private Ryan/Sportscenter
Kne: Tommy Boy/Cosby Show

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