The Making of the Brew Crew: Part 3b

Most high school seniors forget about recruiting once they select their college of choice, preferring to concentrate on their final year of high school. But Michael Brewster is not like most high school seniors.

Upon returning to Florida after committing to Ohio State, Michael Brewster began the task of trying to lure the best players in America to join him in Columbus.

"Once I committed to Ohio State I figured I'd do my best to get great players to join me there," Brewster explained. "That would only benefit me in trying to win championships at Ohio State. I just started talking to all the great players I wanted at Ohio State with me. That's just my personality and the type of leader I want to be."

Brewster went to extreme measures to track down the phone numbers of the top players across the country. He targeted players that were being recruited by Ohio State and recommended other players to the Buckeyes that he thought could help them.

"I would see articles on Scout on players I was interested in and I would contact the writer and get the players phone number," Brewster noted. "I also went on MySpace and Facebook to track people down. It wasn't that tough to find people at all. I just started getting a hold of everybody I could across the country."

It has been reported on internet message boards about the volume of phone calls and text messages Brewster racked up throughout the summer. He declined to give specifics, but admitted his telephone totals were staggering.

"My text messages? Too many," Brewster said with a laugh. "My dad would kill me if I told you about my phone bills. My text messages would be thousands per month. I used to text Andrew Sweat all day long some days. I'm great friends with everyone and I want to know what everybody is up to. I wanted all the guys that committed to Ohio State to know I was available 24 hours a day. I wanted us all to be a family before we got to Ohio State. I felt it was my job to make that happen."

Brewster isn't shy about talking about his soon to be teammates. It's obvious that he takes his role as a leader quite seriously, while at the same time keeping his tremendous sense of humor.

"Ben Buchanan was the first to commit and he's a really great person. He's the best kicker in the country and he's going to win games for us with his leg. Garrett Goebel said he loved messing with me during his recruitment. He knew he was going to Ohio State, but he kept mentioning Michigan to people just to mess with me. He had me worried too. I owe him one. Devier Posey and I talk almost every day. If one of us doesn't answer, we always accuse them of "big-timing" it. Devier is going to be unbelievable as a wideout for us and he'll be a great teammate too. Nic DiLillo is a great guy too. I'm looking forward to hanging out with him and getting to know him better. He went to see Jake and Big Mike play last week and they appreciated that. I can tell he's going to be a great teammate just from that.'

"I'm really hoping Nathan Williams shows up for the Wisconsin game. He came out of nowhere to get his offer, but he's going to be an awesome player for us. It would be great to see him this weekend if he comes to the Northwestern game. I wanted DeVoe Torrence really bad because Coach Bollman loves him as a running back. He will gain a lot of yards behind all of us blocking for him. Andrew Sweat is the best linebacker in the country, trust me. He's the best guy in the world too. Andrew will be a star here, no doubt about it."

It was clear that Brewster holds a special place in his heart for the remaining four members of this class. He talked about his friendships with J.B. Shugarts, Jake Stoneburner and Mike Adams.

"J.B. is kind of a quiet guy but he's a great guy once you get to know him," Brewster said of the Texas star. "He will be an All-American at Ohio State. Forget the talk about him not being 100% committed to Ohio State. He's all Buckeye. Jake is my boy. There will be no way defenses can cover Jake and Devier. You can't double everyone. Everybody likes Jake because he's a genuine friend. A stud wideout too. Big Mike is the glue that holds us all together. He's going to be the left tackle for many years. Everybody likes hanging out at Mike's house. J.B. stayed there last summer and I thought he was going to move in. I love all my teammates and I can't wait to get there next January. J.B. will come in with me and then Jake and Big Mike will be there in March. It will be great going through spring practice with all of them."

Nobody is as internet savvy as Brewster and he admits to following what is being said on the message boards. He loves the title of the "Brew Crew" although he thought another nickname would stick to this class.

"Originally we were "Block-O" and I loved that," Brewster stated. "It's still our name for the O-line, but I'm down with the "Brew Crew." It just took off from out of nowhere. I'm sure now it's solidified and I don't mind it at all. I think it's cool. I like reading the Scout message boards. The Ohio State fans are so passionate and they argue about the team all the time. I love reading that stuff, but I never post anything. Maybe I should shock everybody and post something some day."

After committing to Ohio State, Brewster wanted to end the phone calls from the other schools that were interested in continuing to recruit him. He devised a plan to stop the calls and it was a success......... sort of.

"After I committed to Ohio State I had my cell phone number changed to end the recruiting calls," Brewster explained. "It worked great for a while too. One day I showed up for school and Urban Meyer was standing in the front office. There was no way around him and he cornered me and asked me for my cell phone number. Of course, I gave it to him because it was so uncomfortable. I was sweating bullets. He's called me four times in the past two weeks, but I don't answer. That's the end of that."

Although Brewster has been successful recruiting players to Ohio State, there have been some misses along the way. Brewster discussed some of the players that got away.

"We don't get them all," Brewster admitted. "I still like getting to know everyone even if they go somewhere else. Ohio State isn't for everybody and I know that. Mike Zordich was a great guy and I wish he had come to Ohio State. I understand that his dad played at Penn State and his mom went there too. That's all about family and I respect that totally. The same thing with Danny McCarthy. I'd like to see him switch to Ohio State because Notre Dame is so bad right now. I really wish he would come to Ohio State because he's a good guy to have on your team. There is another guy who I won't name who really ticked me off. He kept telling me he was coming to Ohio State and said he was going to commit any day. Out of the blue he goes to a team I don't like at all. I don't like being lied to at all. If he wanted to go somewhere else he should have just told us, and not played with us. That makes me hate that team even more now."

In Part 4 of the "Making of the Brew Crew" we will take another inside look at a member of the 2008 Ohio State recruiting class. We will also have more from Mike Brewster in a later article, as we continue to examine this amazing class of Buckeye recruits.

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