Bain talks visits

One offensive lineman who will be visiting OSU this year is Pompano Beach, FL standout Andrew Bain. Duane Long talked with him for a quick update.

Andrew Bain plays on one of the best teams in the state of Florida, and they have proven it so far this year.  "We are 5-0 and ranked #1 in the state in class 5A," he said.

Andrew is starting to get his visit situation sorted out, and it sounds like OSU will get one.

"I have only one visit set so far - North Carolina State on December 6th," he said. "I want to set up a visit to Ohio State. I want to go up with Cyrim Wimbs and make it a one-shot deal. It is not a matter of if we visit, it is a matter of when."

So far, he's been attending the games of the Miami Hurricanes.

"I have been going to Miami games," he said. "I will be there for the Florida State game this weekend."

Andrew is being recruited for Ohio State by Coach Bill Conley.

"Coach Conley is recruiting me for Ohio State," he said.  "(He) has been down to see me play."

"Most schools are recruiting me to play inside on the offensive line."

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