Chat Transcript - 10/10

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 12:59:43 AM)
Hi fellows.

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 12:59:48 AM)

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 12:59:58 AM)
Hi guys

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:00:23 AM)
Hey Dave, did you expect that McNutt news.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:00:36 AM)
no, I didn't

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:01:05 AM)
I'm anxious to see Salley at corner... I thought he'd be a natural fit there and will give up match-up advantages

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:01:57 AM)
he should get a good test this weekend , don't you think?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:02:23 AM)
Yes, I think he will. They'll need a bunch of corners against these guys.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:03:42 AM)
We can expect teams to throw a lot of balls EJ Underwood's way. "True freshman at corner" sends up warning flags... but I think he'll get the job done. He will struggle at times, but overall I think he'll be an upgrade over McNutt.

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:03:55 AM)
Dave, what is your opinion on the Glove these pro QB's have been wearing, could Craig use one?

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:04:15 AM)
or kirk

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:04:16 AM)
i really don't know much about that... about what percentage of the nfl qb's are wearing them?

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:04:29 AM)
i saw 2

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:04:51 AM)
interesting. i think that is a good point about craig since his balls slip from time to time

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:05:05 AM)
suppose to help with the ball slipping

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:05:22 AM)
that is a good question for the coaches... i will ask them sometime

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:05:43 AM)
never ever thought i would see that though

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:05:59 AM)
gotta ? the feel

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:06:01 AM)
maybe now that the weather has cooled down, alex step. won't be as sweaty.

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:06:07 AM)

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:06:37 AM)
is that a real problem?

HangOnSloopy (Oct 11, 2002 1:07:02 AM)
Hey Dave. Is Mo Hall pretty much buried on the depth chart now?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:08:27 AM)
Hi... well, I'm not sure about that. I think we'll still see him on some third downs and he's one injury away from being the backup.

Mo (Oct 11, 2002 1:08:00 AM)
what exactly is our situation at cornerback now.......with McNutt out, who all is left that can handle the job?

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:08:48 AM)
Any chance Mo will move to corner, a better fit for him in my opinion

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:09:46 AM)
Mo: Underwood will start at field and will be backed up by Jacobs... Fox is at the boundary and Salley and Britton will back him up... Buckinut: I don't think we'll see Mo Hall move, even though it seems to make sense.

HangOnSloopy (Oct 11, 2002 1:10:06 AM)
Hall has good speed, but it seems that he rounds off his cuts. Has anyone else noticed that, or feel that way?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:10:26 AM)
Yes, he does not hit his cuts very sharply.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:10:47 AM)
It's like he's worried about slipping or something.

Mo (Oct 11, 2002 1:10:58 AM)
Whatever happened with Britton......did he just not pan out?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:11:32 AM)
the coaches still say he's in the mix... but the games prove otherwise, don't they? but I think we might be seeing more of him now since Jacobs moved to the other side.

HangOnSloopy (Oct 11, 2002 1:11:45 AM)
Also, what happened to Conwell? He was right up there during the spring.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:12:05 AM)
Conwell is just being used on special teams now... but he is a starter on some of the units.

JohnnyBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:11:55 AM)
Hopefully, Donte Whitner will help things out next year

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:12:10 AM)
I think it was Duane who said in a post recently that Datish is coming along well. Obviously he's a redshirt, but have you noticed him recently?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:12:49 AM)
Datish is very strong in run blocking, but needs to make improvements in pass pro... but down the road he is going to be a very good player.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:13:06 AM)
What about Downing?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:13:10 AM)
Datish's high school team did not throw the ball very much

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:13:40 AM)
Downing looks ok... I think he will pan out in a few years.

Mo (Oct 11, 2002 1:13:07 AM)
speaking of lineman.....what are are chances of getting Andrew Bains and his teamate Wimbs i believe

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:14:31 AM)
Do you know if the coaches were floored by DM sr. demands that his son play now

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:15:01 AM)
Is that fact? if so, they did the right thing.

JohnnyBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:15:01 AM)
Anyone know the latest on Burgess? I hope he doesn't end up at UM. Any rumors out there at all?

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 1:16:01 AM)
There are rumors, but they are not good... I don't like to spread them, but it is looking better for UM recently

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:15:45 AM)
There was a thread recently about what position Arden will end up at -- opinions ranged from staying at TE, to o-line, to defensive tackle. Everyone likes his size and the way he moves. Any opinion Dave?

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:16:04 AM)
With so few scholarships, are we going to be able to address our needs in this next recruiting class?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:16:22 AM)
Arden will definitely stay at tight end. The coaches like him there.

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:16:24 AM)
Hello Dave. according to our wr's coach, they are intent on getting Childress the ball. do you still see that to be the case in practice?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:17:34 AM)
Hi ohio pride... in practice, all those guys get a chance to touch the ball. Drew Carter always stands out to me and he only gets one or two balls in the games... I expect Childress to get even less opportunities than Carter.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:16:49 AM)
Gosh, it looks like we're up to 17 schollies now -- could be at least 19 by the time it's over.

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:17:45 AM)
Really? I was hearing 15 - 16 with Morris. Still no O-Line commits right? I want some hogs.

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:17:58 AM)
ty dave

HangOnSloopy (Oct 11, 2002 1:18:23 AM)
How does McNutt affect the scholarship count? He still gets his ship b/c of injury, but does OSU get another one to use?

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:18:39 AM)
Duane says Kenyon Buford is virtually a lock.

Mo (Oct 11, 2002 1:18:51 AM)
I do not understand why we still do not pick up Morris.....the latest report was he got a twenty one on his ACT

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:20:19 AM)
Mo: The way I look at it is if demanded playing time, he should be gone... if he just didn't want to redshirt, who cares? he wasn't going to stay four years, let alone five.

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:18:55 AM)
on to Gamble - will he see extended time at CB, or still during red zone opportunity

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:19:09 AM)
or too early to tell

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:19:14 AM)
I think the bucks get an extra 'ship for next year because of McNutt... that is not definite though.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:20:05 AM)
How does Pitcock look to you, Dave?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:21:02 AM)
minnesota: Pitcock looks good. He's short, but very strong and quick. he's going to be a nice replacement for Tim Anderson in a couple of years.

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:20:53 AM)
Does Krenzel throw any deep balls on target in practice, have yet to see it in any games?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:22:07 AM)
krenzel has looked good to me the last couple of weeks in practice. he is throwing the ball with a little more behind it... he just needs to start hitting some long balls in the games.

Mo (Oct 11, 2002 1:21:01 AM)
that makes sense

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:21:43 AM)
dave - @ practice - who is the best looking skill position player that is getting little or no playing time - this includes redshirts too?

Mo (Oct 11, 2002 1:21:51 AM)
what about Anderson4Heisman now that Mcnutts gone those big guys never get any props

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:22:19 AM)
ohio pride: drew carter.

JohnnyBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:22:20 AM)
At practice, I've been impressed with both Roy Hall and Santonio Holmes.

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:22:33 AM)

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:23:27 AM)
Dave, what is our greatest need in the upcoming recruiting class, and do you think we will fill it?

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:23:41 AM)

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:24:44 AM)
cornerback and offensive line. I think the bucks will end up doing pretty well for themselves at both.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:24:50 AM)
Surprised to hear that Olivea's injury was a shoulder. Will he play Saturday?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:25:14 AM)
Olivea will not play Saturday, but should be back for wisky

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:24:53 AM)
has Reynolds really outperformed Hawk, aj appears to stand out every time on the field? or does he only back up grant?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:25:58 AM)
reynolds and hawk are running pretty close, but reynolds knows the defense a little better... i know a lot of fans have been hard on rob, but i look for him to step it up in the big ten

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 1:25:06 AM)
To answer a couple of earlier questions (sorry, had an unexpected phone call): By my count, OSU is up to 17 spots. I'm guessing now that 20 is certainly a number that could be attainable. I think that would be enough to address their needs. I think 17 might be enough too, but they need to bring in the right guys. The question is whether or not they have a legit shot at enough guys (OL). CB and OL seems to be the top need to me, and they should have enough to fill it

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:25:29 AM)
Boy, I said 20 before and you guys tore me apart!

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:25:51 AM)
Rossford, you're vindicated!

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:26:10 AM)
. . . and it feels great to be vindicated!

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:26:39 AM)
What is the mood of the team right now Dave?

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:26:46 AM)
Are they pretty focused?

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:26:50 AM)
What about then intensity?

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:26:52 AM)
i would not say RR is a liability, but AJ appears to be a playmaker in the wings

JohnnyBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:27:03 AM)
I think LB is a pretty big need also. After the (3) freshmen, we will be awful thin next year with regards to depth

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:27:06 AM)
yes, i think the uc and nu games woke them up so to speak.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:27:12 AM)
Is Stafford approaching 100 percent yet? How about Ivan Douglas?

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 1:27:15 AM)
Strange how those spots increase... back in April and May, it was looking like 15 or so this year. Now, after Marco Cooper, Jesse Kline, Morris, and now McNutt, things have opened up more

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:27:40 AM)
i'd guess stafford is about at 85 percent and douglas is at 95

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:28:08 AM)
Who's starting at o-line then this week?

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:28:08 AM)
But Stafford is going to start, right?

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:28:24 AM)
Is Angelo Chattams another possible available scholarship?

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:28:28 AM)
staff will start

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:28:31 AM)
no, stafford won't start... the five juniors will

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:29:07 AM)
do you think we lose Riley

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:30:11 AM)
I think Riley stays. he knows he'll be the only one left after Clarett goes pro and Hall and Ross graduate... actually it's a possibility that any of the three backups could leave, but I'm trying to be optimistic

HangOnSloopy (Oct 11, 2002 1:30:15 AM)
I wish Hall would have redshirted this year. We might not lose anyone if that were the case.

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:30:59 AM)
i think tress made a smart call by sticking with MC, but it appears it was a slap in the face to Hall - thoughts?

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:32:09 AM)
Hall was disciplined so to speak for his fumbles, so it doesn't seem right that MC didn't get the same

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:32:38 AM)
but if you're the third-stringer, you can't afford any fumbles... let alone two.

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:31:46 AM)
re: fumbles

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:32:06 AM)
Do you guys see us taking a RB in recruiting this year, perhaps Valentine?

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:32:55 AM)
Good point Dave . . .

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:32:58 AM)
Did you guys here John Madden on MNF talking about fumbles (re Ahman Green). He said when you have that kind of ability, you keep the guy on the field.

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:33:05 AM)
how many total schollies do you think we'll have for the 2003 class. It looks like it's might be around 20 or so.

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:33:16 AM)
exactly - no consistency. imagine if that happened during a Zwick/Smith QB duel???

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:33:19 AM)
rossford, care to take this one?

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:33:28 AM)

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:33:31 AM)
Dave , do you expect MC to run like a man possessed this Sat.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:33:56 AM)
I hope so... but I really want to see it next week in Camp Randall

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:34:05 AM)
me too

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:34:17 AM)
Dave said he's been possessed in practice, I'd bet it carries over.

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:34:35 AM)

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:34:51 AM)

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:34:57 AM)
Wisky is the game that concerns me most right now with the way we've been playing on the road.

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:34:57 AM)
has dropped several passes

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:34:57 AM)
Yes, I look for us to "work" on the passing game against san jose st.

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:35:14 AM)
How long it carries over is the question. I don't want to see him run for 200 against SJSU and then come out flat against wisky.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:35:06 AM)
Is the infamous Brooks Bollinger picture and quote really posted in the weight room?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:35:25 AM)
all the guys know about it... don't think it's up there anymore

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:35:41 AM)
Bet it will be next week again though

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:36:06 AM)
Darrion Scott to Brooks: "Own this!"

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:36:11 AM)
I asked Doss directly about it and he knew all about it and was not amused at all

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:36:10 AM)
Do you think Lee Evans will play against the Bucks?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:36:27 AM)
i would guess that lee evans will play against osu

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:36:37 AM)
but how effective can he be?

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:36:45 AM)
doss railroads bollinger on a bootleg - OUCH

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:36:53 AM)
No timing!

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:36:56 AM)
I think Fox can shut him down.

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:37:08 AM)
If this team isn't fired up for Wisc next week, we've got problems

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:37:22 AM)
Rossford, they'll be ready.

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:37:25 AM)
fox is the man

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:37:28 AM)
they will, bet the ranch

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:37:29 AM)
I hope they go into that game with something to prove

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:37:46 AM)
I'm fired up, so they should be, LOL

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:37:51 AM)
I still think Wisconsin is the scariest game left on the schedule. They gotta be better on the road

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:38:09 AM)
Penn State is the one that scares me.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:38:31 AM)
Penn State and Michigan will be just as tough imo, even though they are at home

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:38:34 AM)
For those that didn't hear, 20 scholarships are not out of the question this year. :-)

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:38:44 AM)
as MSU proved in 98, they are all scary

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:38:54 AM)
Good point

bigtenbadboy (Oct 11, 2002 1:38:57 AM)
I know its looking ahead a bit but if OSU and ND both win out who would have the higher BCS ranking?

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:39:05 AM)
I agree that Wisc is the biggest right now.

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:39:21 AM)
After that game, PSU and UM will loom large

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:39:49 AM)
How do the players respond to Luke Fickell? What is he coaching?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:40:52 AM)
i think the players like luke fickell a lot. they respect him as a coach, but can relate to him

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:39:58 AM)
Mills needs to get turnover happy in the horseshoe... Penn State might never win a game here.

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:40:01 AM)
ND will lose to FSU. And they still have to play USC as well. Also don't count out Pitt this weekend. Walt will have his players prepared

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:40:03 AM)
btbb - just hope the teams we have played keep winning!

bigtenbadboy (Oct 11, 2002 1:40:42 AM)
Airforce seems to be owning teams this year i wouldnt't be surprised for them to hang a L on ND.

RossfordBuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:41:01 AM)
sorry, got to get back to work

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:41:25 AM)
Rossford, how many schollies do we have again?

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:41:45 AM)
this is OSU's big problem right now IMO looking ahead to "THE BIG GAMES" even though they all say the right things

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:42:30 AM)
How many comitts do we have right now?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:42:36 AM)
yeah, they look ahead just like we do. it's hard not too, but they need to find a way to get fired up for this game saturday. sjsu is no joke

bigtenbadboy (Oct 11, 2002 1:42:54 AM)
Its hard for me to understand that mentality. When I was playing I looked forward to the games I thought I could put up good numbers.

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 1:42:45 AM)
We have five commitments right now...

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:43:06 AM)
Thanks Kirk

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:43:42 AM)
that doesn't mean you don't want to do well, but they just seem to have a lot more intensity for the big games.

bigtenbadboy (Oct 11, 2002 1:44:00 AM)
Thats clearly been evidenced this year.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:44:23 AM)
but you make a good point... you would think will smith is thinking he could get about four sacks this game

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:44:11 AM)
Dave, who do you think are our best assistant coaches? What do you think of the quality of the assistants overall?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:45:45 AM)
I think our best assistants are 1. Conley for his recruiting and 2. Dantonio, who will be a head coach in five years at a major program.

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:44:48 AM)
Do you think we offer a few of the Ohio off. lineman down the line if none of the nat'l ones commit

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:45:06 AM)
4 sacks against SJSU isn't the same as 1 against UM though...

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:45:13 AM)
Duane really likes Ty Hall. He says he would off him now.

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:46:05 AM)
There has to be a few good one in the whole state

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 1:46:21 AM)
Good question Buckinut... That's tough to say. They are still recruiting a few of them, so I am sure it is not out of the realm of possibility

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:46:31 AM)
I like our coaching staff overall, although i'd like to see someone with a more innovative offensive mind... then again, bollman is priceless for what he can do with an o-line.

bigtenbadboy (Oct 11, 2002 1:46:57 AM)
Are you a fan of his defensive strategy against the spread this year? I know they have been great in the red zone this year but a team with a good running presence ala Penn State could change that.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:47:36 AM)
Maybe we are setting Penn State up? I hope so because, no, I haven't liked our defensive strategies at some times.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:47:17 AM)
I thought Daniels was supposed to bring us a lot of innovation. I rarely hear his name mentioned though.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:48:26 AM)
Daniels only worked with the spread for a couple years... we need someone young who has lived and died the spread his entire coaching career.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:49:03 AM)
just someone who can bring a more innovative passing game to the table

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:47:48 AM)
osu will tighten up against run teams

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:48:18 AM)
they only rushed 3 alot at NU

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:49:15 AM)
Dave, how much do you think the staff will change for next year if at all?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:49:47 AM)
I don't think we'll see any changes unless something unexpected happens.

bigtenbadboy (Oct 11, 2002 1:49:39 AM)
I'd like to see us bring four plus a linebacker and play tight man coverage and see how it works for a series or two. (against a spread team)

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:50:12 AM)
we will need to mix it up a lot against psu

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:50:17 AM)
Do you think Bam Childress could get another shot or do you think he lost his chance against Cincy

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:51:40 AM)
I don't think Bam will get many chances the rest of this year.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:52:16 AM)
but that has more to do with the other receivers than one ball in the uc game

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:50:20 AM)
sure do miss Jon Tenuta

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:51:06 AM)
With everyone running and defensing the spread, is there an advantage to running an offense that's contrary to the trend?

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:51:37 AM)
it all comes down to pass protection

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:52:29 AM)
what dv's do you think we have a chance with for the 2003 class

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:52:43 AM)
sorry db's

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:52:54 AM)
whitner is a must, of course. not sure past that.

brett (Oct 11, 2002 1:52:58 AM)
on 1460 Ian Fitzsimmons is saying he sees coach spencer as an OC or head coach somewhere in a few years, do you see this as a possibility or does spence seem like he even wants that

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:53:15 AM)
I think Spencer will be a life-long buckeye

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:52:58 AM)
DAVE - who is the best freshman you have seen that is getting zero PT?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:53:25 AM)
Including redshirts, Troy Smith

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:53:32 AM)
I would love to get Brown from Texas...we need to open that pipeline

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:53:37 AM)
what of Roy Hall

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:54:18 AM)
Roy Hall looks ok... I think he isn't crazy about redshirting, but he will develop into a good receiver... but he might not get a real chance until 2004.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:53:55 AM)
McNutt, Duane seems to like our chances with Brown.

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:54:09 AM)
I like to hear that.

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:54:40 AM)
Will TS, or even JZ compete for a starting slot, or will they be 3-4 respectively?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:55:20 AM)
Maybe, I say maybe Troy has a chance next year, but I don't see Krenzel losing that job... Smith and Zwick will compete for the 2004 job

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:54:52 AM)
next year that is

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:55:09 AM)
it is pretty scary to think that we'll only be losing Vance and Stafford on offense for next year!

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:55:18 AM)
Does anyone know about Chattams...I haven't heard his name in a few weeks. Is that another potential scholarship?

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:55:26 AM)
sounds like there will be one hell'uva QB controversy in two years

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:55:45 AM)
Bucki, no doubt about it.

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:55:49 AM)
And if Bush comes...

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:55:50 AM)
competition, healthy competition

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 1:55:58 AM)
and Boeckman

bigtenbadboy (Oct 11, 2002 1:56:02 AM)
redshirting is a must for a reciever this year. there aren't enough balls to go around as it is

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:56:03 AM)
the more the merrier

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:56:18 AM)
yes, i agree btbb

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 1:56:14 AM)
First off, on the subject of DBs, I am starting to wish they would go after Mike Phillips harder. Everyone's raving about him. But Donte Whitner and Dareus Hiley are on that DB list, and I guess we shouldn't count out Burgess for S. Out-of-state, Tarell Brown says OSU and Texas are tied, but we will see if OSU can stay up there after all the visits. Ashton Youboty is also out there from TX, and Ira Guilford from NJ says OSU leads. Another one that people haven't talked about much might be CB Damon Jenkins from California if he can get his grades up, but those are a few names. Don't forget that Gonzalez and Lukens are already on board too

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:57:13 AM)
Dave, does Archie Griffin attend practices? Is he around the team much?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:57:46 AM)
archie will stop by every now and then... he is always on campus somewhere and is always very friendly.

blufftonbuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:57:55 AM)
Do you think Cie Grant will be hard to replace?

buckinut4ever (Oct 11, 2002 1:58:18 AM)
thank you Dave and Kirk

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:58:21 AM)
Is clarett the most intense player in practice?

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 1:58:26 AM)
Cie will be very hard to replace. His time at DB last year was priceless

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:58:28 AM)
yes, he will be hard to replace because he allows the defense to stay on the field as is against the spread.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 1:59:15 AM)
Could Lukens be a guy who eventually fills the Cie role against the spread?

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 1:59:34 AM)
I think we miss Whilhem just as much as Grant. He's been all over the field this year.

blufftonbuck (Oct 11, 2002 1:59:37 AM)
They should recruit High School running back prospects that are better suited to LB(need extra speed)

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 1:59:56 AM)
We'll miss Wilhelm probably more. He is all-american material

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 2:00:06 AM)
Brutus, I'm with you. He's underappreciated.

blufftonbuck (Oct 11, 2002 2:00:41 AM)
Will Wilhelm be a good pro. Nobody is talking him up that much?

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 2:00:41 AM)
Is tim anderson a senior?

bigtenbadboy (Oct 11, 2002 2:01:07 AM)
Anderson is a junior

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:01:07 AM)
anderson is a junior

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 2:01:26 AM)
wow. what a defensive line for next year

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:01:49 AM)
i think wilhelm will be a very good pro. bigger and faster than a lot of mlbs out there (like zach thomas)

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 2:02:04 AM)
Someone said they can almost hear D'Andrea thinking when he's playing. Dave, do you agree -- that he'll be fine once he knows the D?

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 2:02:43 AM)
Any projections on how long W. Smith will be around?

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 2:02:56 AM)
Whilhelm plays with a lot of heart too. Which is sometimes just as valuable, if not more, than natural talent.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:03:04 AM)
D'Andrea will be very good next year. I think he knows the defense just fine now, but won't see much time behind Wilhelm... also, Pagac is stealing time from D'Andrea.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:03:30 AM)
my guess is that will smith won't leave early

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 2:03:55 AM)
I talked to Smith's HS coach back in Sept, and the coach said that he hadn't heard Will say anything about it.

blufftonbuck (Oct 11, 2002 2:04:05 AM)
How would you rank the OL from best to worst?

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 2:04:20 AM)
Did Backes look really small to you guys -- he nearly got killed twice on Saturday.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:04:59 AM)
Bluffton: Stepanovich, Douglas, Olivea, Clarke, Bishop

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:05:25 AM)
Although I like bishop, which tells you what I think of the line... all juniors and could be dominant next year

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 2:05:28 AM)
Backes did look small.

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 2:05:29 AM)
I thought Backes looked solid

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 2:05:33 AM)
Clarke over Bishop. Interesting.

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 2:05:45 AM)
he's a player

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:05:51 AM)
Clarke when healthy is near the top

blufftonbuck (Oct 11, 2002 2:06:21 AM)
How close is Clarke to being healthy?

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:06:48 AM)
Healthy and just somewhat in shape I should say... he is still not even somewhat in shape though.

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 2:06:55 AM)
Well everyone, we're going to wrap it up in a few... any last questions?

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 2:07:08 AM)
Unless pear is a shape.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Oct 11, 2002 2:07:19 AM)
Thanks Dave and Kirk -- it's much appreciated.

Hubbard (Oct 11, 2002 2:07:23 AM)
I'm sure it was gone over earlier, but what's going on with McNutt

Mcnutt4Heisman (Oct 11, 2002 2:07:34 AM)
Thanks a lot guys.

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:07:36 AM)
thanks everyone... good questions as always

bigtenbadboy (Oct 11, 2002 2:07:47 AM)

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:08:08 AM)
McNutt's career is over

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 2:08:09 AM)
thank you

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 2:08:15 AM)
McNutt just had to give it up due to injury. He has always had a condition in his ankle (I think it is arthritic), and he's played through it, but it's gotten to the point where he can't anymore.

HangOnSloopy (Oct 11, 2002 2:08:22 AM)
Thanks guys.

Hubbard (Oct 11, 2002 2:08:27 AM)
thanks guys

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 2:08:28 AM)
who's a better S - Damon Moore or Mike Doss? Moore for me

brutusbucki (Oct 11, 2002 2:08:31 AM)

HangOnSloopy (Oct 11, 2002 2:08:48 AM)
#13 was Lights out

OTC (Oct 11, 2002 2:08:54 AM)
I'd take doss any day of the week

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:09:14 AM)
Hard to say... Moore was a great player, but I think Doss will finish strong.

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 2:09:25 AM)
moore was the full package - rud even agreed

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:09:35 AM)
his nfl career proved that

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:09:57 AM)
he was on his way to pro bowl caliber before the injury

ohio_pride (Oct 11, 2002 2:10:47 AM)
yes he was. moore was never given the accolades doss has been given, though he deserved them more IMO

D Biddle (Oct 11, 2002 2:11:48 AM)
well fellas, i'm out of here... thanks again!

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 2:12:01 AM)
Thanks Dave... talk to you soon!

Kirk (Oct 11, 2002 2:18:42 AM)
OK everyone, thanks for stopping by! I will try to get a transcript posted soon. Go Bucks!

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