Freeman New to the Scene

Looking for a "HOT" name in the Class of 2009? Look toward Trotwood (Ohio) Madison High School and offensive lineman Chris Freeman.

How time flies when you're having fun and covering hundreds of high school prospects.  A few years ago, five to be exact, I wrote a story on a 7-th grade basketball player everyone was talking about.  While many questioned why I would write such a story on a young man yet to take part in a high school contest, I saw a bright future if he would change sports.

That seventh grader is now a junior in high school and while he's grown some he's not much taller than what he was five years ago.  The biggest difference is now he understands what I was telling him a few years back about making his way to college with football.

Chris Freeman has one skill you just can't teach.  SIZE!!!  When you stand 6-foot-8 and weigh 340-pounds with the ability to move your feet you soon have high school coaches trying to get you on the football field.  Several have tried but Trotwood-Madison is the one who convinced Freeman his best chance to earn a college scholarship would come from a game on grass and not hardwood.

With college coaches making trips into the Trotwood schools because of the depth of the Class of 2008, many have been able to eye-ball Freeman and can't wait to see him take the field according to the Rams coaching staff.  While Freeman has yet to make any impact on the field, coaches have taken a slower is best approach with the young giant.

With hope of Freeman playing a role in the Rams run towards the playoffs the coaching staff is excited about his future potential if he continues to work at the game.  Several teammates expressed how much he's improved during the course of the past few months and are excited his chances of taking the field.

We'll continue to stay in contact with Chris as he gets more involved into the game and shows his abilities on the field.

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