All Quiet On The Western (Virginia) Front

As his senior season starts winding down, five-star offensive line prospect Josh Jenkins has been mum on his recruitment. As it turns out, that could be because not much has happened. has the latest on one of the biggest prospects -- literally -- left on the board.

All is quiet on the Josh Jenkins front.

At least, that's how Parkersburg, W.Va., head coach Bernie Buttrey said he sees it. With his phone switched off to reporters and his full focus on his team's season, the five-star offensive line prospect has his focus exactly where his coach wants it.

Namely, on the final two games of the regular season and the subsequent playoffs and not on his recruitment.

"I think he's handling it fine as far as we're concerned," Buttrey told "He's playing great for us and he's got a great attitude, he's working hard. As far as what's going on in his head I really don't know. I think he's kind of put it on the backburner and he's concentrating on our season. I think that's just it."

Ranked as the No. 1 offensive guard prospect in the country, Jenkins issued a verbal commitment to in-state West Virginia at the beginning of his junior season. However, after a coaching exodus from the Mountaineers, the 6-3 ½, 305-pound Jenkins then opted to re-open his recruitment to a handful of schools.

Those schools include Ohio State, Florida and Florida State, among others. However, Buttrey said he has had very little contact with any college coaches since his team's season began.

"It's been very, very quiet,' he said. "I've had maybe one or two phone calls just inquiring about him, but mostly it's been very quiet."

OSU had called him when Parkersburg's season began, while Notre Dame placed a call to Buttrey about a month ago, he said. Jenkins has said he plans to take an official visit to Columbus on Nov. 3 to see the Buckeyes host Wisconsin.

WVU has been in more frequent contact, but not always in regard to Jenkins.

"I have contact with WVU so it is kind of a regular basis thing with them even beyond Josh, just other things," he said.

Buttrey admitted to traveling through uncharted territory as he tries to guide Jenkins through the recruiting process. In his 30 years of coaching, Buttrey said he has never coached a prospect as highly sought-after as Jenkins. Early on, Buttrey said he sat down with Jenkins and his family and offered as much advice as he could.

Now, with National Signing day looming less than four months away, Buttrey said he thinks Jenkins might have an idea as to where he wants to go.

"I think he's talked to all the coaches and even though he hasn't visited all the schools I think he's got a good feel as to what they all have to offer him," he said. "It's just his decision.

"He's always said, I've said, we've always said that as far as we know he's going to go by his early commitment to WVU. Now, he has explored some other possibilities and I think other possibilities exist in his mind, but I think he's leaving it at right now that's where he's going unless something changes. But the possibility of that changing exists."

As he tries to guide Jenkins through it all, Buttrey said he has to keep his personal opinions out of the equation.

"I don't want to influence his decision or anything else about it other than just to put in my two cents," he said. "I'm a big Mountaineer fan. I love West Virginia and I love the Mountaineers, so I'd be pulling for them but at the same time I want to make sure that he goes where he's comfortable, not where he thinks I think he should go. I love the Mountaineers. That's where I'd like to see him end up."

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