Nevadabuck Chat Transcript: Oct. 19

Shaq Rowell, Travis Howard, Johnny Simon, Terrelle Pryor and Lawrence Wilson. They were just a few of the people mentioned when popular poster Nevadabuck stopped by the chat room on Friday afternoon for a live chat with nearly 90 premium members. Check out what else was discussed.

chuangtsu: What D-lineman do we end up with when it is all said and done this year?

nevadabuck: As for extra defensive linemen THIS year, I think Shaq Rowell and Shane Hale are the only two possibilities. And Hale better move fast or he may miss the boat altogether.

TheKaiser21: I know Howard has a listed 4.69 40 time, but so did Chekwa. How good is he? He has an impressive offer list to say the least.

nevadabuck: As for Travis Howard, OSU staff likes him a lot ... and if I have learned anything, it's to not question their ability to spot talent especially in defensive backs. So they are very high on him. High enough to offer? We will all know after they see him and talk to him this weekend.

HannibalBuck: We had a great five-year run from 2002-06. Do you think the next five – 2007-11 – could even be better?

nevadabuck: As for the question about this run of OSU football, I think as good as the last few years have been, this next few years could be just as promising. We have gone from being very, very talented, to now getting the elite guys. We will see if we can get a little "luck" to go along with it, and the result should be fun to watch.

chuangtsu: Any update on MOF ... Bill's boy? Is this madness over yet?

nevadabuck: As for D.J. Woods, the story is not over by a long shot especially with Nebraska's coaching situation – but I think prospects dim considerably the longer he waits.

BuckeyeBK: Who's the next commit for 2009? Simon?

nevadabuck: I do believe that Johnny Simon will be the next 2009 commit to jump on board. Storm Klein's commitment was being watched very closely by Johnny … very, very, very closely.

chuangtsu: Are we going to get any more "Three Wisemen" events this season? It's my new favorite Scout feature!

nevadabuck: The Three Wisemen will make a re-appearance before the Michigan game – as that will be the next time we will be together. That is a LOT OF FUN and those guys KNOW their stuff.

expresblfc: Based upon right now, what would the line be on your prediction of an LSU-OSU title game. I'd imagine LSU -3?

nevadabuck: LSU-Ohio State in the NC Game would be LSU -6. As it is practically a home game for them.

BuckeyeBK: I know everyone thinks it's a foregone conclusion, but is there any chance that Jenkins returns for his senior year?

nevadabuck: As for Malcolm Jenkins returning, I think its highly, highly, highly unlikely. He is the No. 1 defensive back on most draft boards right now

TheKaiser21: Is he even the top guy on the list anymore. Brandon Harris has to be considered a long shot. No chance, IMO. I think Howard would still be considered the best of the three right now.

Chattabuck: Do we run more base rather than nickel defense this Saturday?

nevadabuck: As for defensive philosophies this weekend, you will see more attack and blitzing – as the way to stop Michigan State and Hoyer is to confuse him and bring the heat. He has been sacked 17 times already this year – that number will go up this weekend.

chuangtsu: Is Amos able to get back to where he left off last year? Can he start next year at the CB spot?

cbas26: Don't forget James Scott back there, too.

nevadabuck: Andre Amos is going at full speed right now and shows NO lingering affect. His leg press is actually HIGHER than it was before the injury.

TheKaiser21: AMAZING. Have you ever seen anyone suffer the type of injury he has and come back so quickly? Truly amazing.

OSUnumber45: Sticking to Jenkins, does he play CB or safety in the NFL?

nevadabuck: I think Malcolm Jenkins will play cornerback in the NFL. Safeties are easier to find – big corners are RARE.

buckeye0012: Sorry if this has been asked, but what do you mean if Devoe "messes up?" Do we some have some RBs in the cupboard so to speak?

nevadabuck: I think the ONLY thing that could trip up Devoe Torrence right now would be messing up in the classroom (which is a fear with every recruit potentially). But there is no indication that is happening or has happened, so that is strictly hypothetical.

chuangtsu: Does Lawrence Wilson see the field again in a meaningful way this year? Ross Homan?

nevadabuck: Question about Lawrence Wilson – another tidbit here. I have a sneaking suspicion that he could be back quicker than some people might believe. Just keep an eye on this one. I just don't think you redshirt this guy as he is likely gone after next season anyway. So get what you can out of him but his rehab has gone SMOOTH.

osubucks27: Which recruit so far is going to make the biggest impact next year?

nevadabuck: As for recruits making "impacts," so MANY guys. But if I had to pick one it would be Brewster because he will change the entire tenor of our offensive line. He is a mean, tough SOB.

OSUnumber45: Not sure if this has been asked, but how do you see our defense holding up against our first real rushing threat in MSU this weekend? Are our DTs up to the challenge.

nevadabuck: I think too much was made about Kent State running the ball on us. We played a lot of 3-3-5 last week and that creates some lanes. I think we crowd the line and dare Hoyer to beat us, which I do not believe he can do.

osubucks27: Plus you have to believe that OSU defense was maybe a bit bored last week.

fisherbob3815: Nevada, you've stated Brewster starts next year. Does he displace Cordle at center or does he play guard?

nevadabuck: I think Brewster plays guard. Center is a tough spot to come right in and learn the calls, and Cordle is a good one. Brewster as a "pulling guard" – try thinking about that one for a while. LOL.

buckeye0012: NB, did you see the story about USC's scary plane flight. Have you ever experienced something like that?

nevadabuck: The USC plane flight thing WAS scary, but I had to chuckle about the USC player being injured by the popsicle stick. That was pretty funny stuff.

TheKaiser21: Is there a Mike Doss-type player on this team that would feel compelled to come back for their senior year (knowing they are a high first-day draft pick) if we didn't win it all this year? I think that's what has been missing. If our classes had returned in ‘05 and ‘06, I think we could be talking about back-to-back championships. Do any of these guys feel that sense of pride or is it all about the money?

nevadabuck: I think James Laurinaitis is the "Mike Doss" type of leader that could very well return and lead the team next season. I think a LOT will depend on how we end up this year – but there is talk about "keeping the band together." We will see.

rsbuckeye: How strong is Pryor's arm? Do you think he will be a good pocket passer?

nevadabuck: Pryor is just a FREAKY athlete – really a rare bird in that regard – he is certainly as far along as a passer, probably even better than Vince Young was at this stage in his development. Pryor running around with ALL those weapons and that O Line is a scary proposition.

fisherbob3815: The guy I'm worried about for MSU is Devin Thomas – has the staff focused on stopping him at all in practice?

nevadabuck: The defense is aware of Devin Thomas and I think we have the guys that can run with him, but they are certainly aware of what he brings to the offense. The key is to make them one-dimensional and make Hoyer beat you. He WILL make mistakes.

chuangtsu: How are you feeling about the way we match up with Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan?

nevadabuck: I LOVE the way our schedule breaks down – really no chance for us overlooking anyone. I have a real calm feeling about the last five games. Michigan will be a battle, but I really don't think the other ones will be that close.

BuckeyeBK: Are the USCs, Floridas and LSUs of the world amazed by the recruits that are committing to OSU?

nevadabuck: I don't know if anyone is AMAZED by the talent OSU is bringing in – as we are still running USC neck and neck for FIVE STARS. I think what's amazing is how guys develop once they get here. I think THAT is getting some people's attention.

AdaBuckeye: Are the 2009 commits so far the kind of people that can recruit fellow SA's like the 2008 class has been? I realize we have only two in the fold.

nevadabuck: I do not believe that the 2009 guys are the same as the Brew Crew in terms of recruiting. But they certainly have had their eyes opened as to how to "play the game."

nevadabuck: Rumor has it that we have gotten inquiries from some "blasts from the past" about transferring in. Told them "thanks but no thanks." Just FYI.

cbas26: Care to give any names?

fotownbuckeye: Better hint, Nevada? What side of the ball? How long ago?

osubucks27: Ben Martin?

cbas26: Rico McCoy?

partypaul: Maybe Joseph Barksdale isn't having fun at LSU?

GreenMtnDog: I'm thinking Barksdale, given the position switch to OL.

BuckeyeBK: Nevada, any fear of any of the staff leaving after this year?

nevadabuck: Hazell is the guy you have to be concerned about. You already have a couple of co-defensive coordinators, and we are running out of titles. He is a good one and well-liked. Taver Johnson was a good hire in the offseason, though, and if we lose Hazell I fully expect we will do well with the next hire.

BuckeyeBK: Did you already predict the score of the game tomorrow?

nevadabuck: I've got Ohio State 34-10 right now

DrunkOnLane: Do you see Whiting or Klein as being 5-star commits?

nevadabuck: I do not see Klein or Whiting as five-star guys. Johnny Simon WILL be. Simon is the BEST PLAYER in Ohio regardless of class, according to just about everyone who has seen him.

partypaul: Nevada, what current second-year players should we look at as being early exits next year IYO?

nevadabuck: As for early entrants next year, Donald Washington is a guy that will get a look. No one else leaps to mind right now

chuangtsu: Who is next year's Brewster-type recruiter?

nevadabuck: Not sure we will ever see another guy quite like Brewster. Has to be a national recruit. Has to be a guy that everyone respects and wants to be around. And he needs to be tireless and obsessed like Brew. Never seen anything like it in all my years following this stuff.

nevadabuck: Just FYI....Lamaar Thomas is going to be a REAL help with recruiting down the stretch. He gets the "game" and is a guy that the other recruits really like AND respect. So he is going to pay dividends in some unforeseen ways. Ha ha.

osubucks27: Is what Brewster doing for Ohio State compared to what Derrick Williams did for PSU a few years back?

nevadabuck: Brewster is an entirely different level. He does 10,000 text messages a month – think about that one for a while. The kid is just obsessed with OSU being No. 1.

osubucks27: Really? 10,000?

nevadabuck: Really.

bulldogbuckeye2: Being No. 1 has to give Brewster more ammo in helping us get more of the elite recruits.

hoop06: Brewster is absolutely nuts. Somehow he already knows a friend of mine here and sends her 15 messages a day. Really fun to watch actually.

TheKaiser21: Will Pryor ever set foot on a basketball court in the scarlet and gray?

nevadabuck: Pryor will play basketball at Ohio State. That is part of the allure.

BuckeyeBK: Must be nice to be recruited by Tressel and Matta. Wow!

nevadabuck: Fellas (and ladies), I have to run. Thanks so much for stopping by. See you on the boards.

chuangtsu: Great chat. GO BUCKS!

HoustonBuckeye2: Awesome chat. Thanks, NB.

bulldogbuckeye2: Thanks, Nevada.

buckeye0012: Thanks … great chat!!

GreenMtnDog: Thanks, Nevada. Great stuff. Loved the Wilson hint.

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