Chalk Talk's Game Plan: OSU vs. Wisconsin

This week, we unveil another new feature on Popular poster The Coach takes over pregame and postgame analysis for Ohio State as the Buckeyes head down the stretch of the 2007 regular season. Here is the first installment of "Chalk Talk's Game Plan" as OSU takes on Bret Bielema's Wisconsin Badgers.

This week, we unveil another new feature on The Coach takes over pregame and postgame analysis for Ohio State as the Buckeyes head down the stretch of the 2007 regular season.

Each Friday, The Coach will bring you "Chalk Talk's Game Plan" where he outlines three different ways the Buckeyes need to attack their opponents on offense, defense and special teams.

Then each Monday, he will return to analyze what OSU did right and what they needed to work on. We hope you enjoy the new feature.


1. DTs need to hold the point of attack.

Many times in the zone blocking scheme the defensive tackles will be double-teamed to start the play. What happens next is one of the offensive lineman moves up and blocks the linebacker. When the defensive tackle holds the point of attack he makes the offense block him longer meaning the offensive line cannot work up to the linebacker as fast as needed. This gives the linebacker a chance to run free and make the play. A second way to hold the point of attack is to get penetration. The penetration makes the back make his cut before the play develops and the blocks will not take shape.

2. Win first down.

This might seem simple, but it cannot be understated. The Buckeyes need to force Wisconsin into long situations on second and third down. Any first down play that is 2 yards or less sets the Buckeye defense up very nicely. You can expect Wisconsin to run the ball on first down much of the time. Do what it takes to get to second-and-8 or more.

3. Confuse the first-year starters.

The Badgers are staring a first year QB, maybe two first year WRs, and maybe a first time RB. We need to get them into third and long and than pressure them into huge mistakes.


1. Protect the ball.

The Badgers defense has looked better the last two games by getting turnovers, but I am not sold on them. OSU must make Wisconsin stop them for three plays in a row. Do not give them a free possession.

2. Get 200 yards rushing.

This is not your typical Badger defense. They are normally very good against the rush. This year, though, they are giving up over 140 yards rushing a game. Coach Tressel said at a clinic one time that when OSU rushes for 200 yards in a game, they win 98 percent of the time.

3. Keep them guessing.

This offense kept a very good Penn State offense off-balance all game last week. They were not sure what to expect. Another week like that and the Buckeyes are one step closer!


1. UW punting game is not very good.

The punt return needs to flip the field at least once.

2. Force the Badgers to start inside their own 25-yard line on all kickoffs.

3. Punt team respond when needed!

That means pin the Badgers inside the 10 when punting short and flipping the field.

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