The Latest On Willie Mobley

While every rumor out there might scream otherwise, there is at least one person who does not think Eden Prairie (Minn.) Senior defensive tackle Willie Mobley is on the verge of making a final decision. has the latest on the four-star prospect.

A quick glance at any website covering Ohio State recruiting will show that Eden Prairie (Minn.) Senior defensive tackle Willie Mobley could be mere moments from issuing a verbal commitment to the Buckeyes.

But while Mobley is still on his official visit in Columbus, at least one person firmly believes the four-star prospect is nowhere close to making a final decision: his high school head coach, Mike Grant.

"He's not about to make a decision.," Grant, who said he did not know Mobley was taking an official visit to OSU this weekend, told "I would dispel (that rumor). He's not going to commit until he has a number of visits including Minnesota, which I don't think he even has scheduled it yet."

Grant's focus – and Mobley's as well, by proxy – is on defending a state championship. With a 38-7 victory on Friday night, Eden Prairie is just three wins from capturing back-to-back state titles.

But Mobley was in Columbus for OSU's 38-17 victory over Wisconsin on Nov. 3, and recruits such as Terrelle Pryor and J.B. Shugarts have indicated that Mobley could be issuing a verbal commitment before he heads back to Minnesota.

His visit to OSU marked his first official visit after he canceled a planned trip to Wisconsin two weeks prior. According to Grant, there are a few more trips to be taken before he makes a final decision.

"He's someone who wants to go through the recruiting process and he and his mom are experiencing that," he said. "When he's done with his visits we'll sit down and talk, but the thing is all you guys have him playing for someone else. He's mostly worried about our season."

Mobley is still on his official visit and is unavailable for comment.

The Buckeyes have two verbal commitments along the defensive line for their class of 2008. Washington Court House (Ohio) Miami Trace defensive end Nathan Williams and Lombard (Ill.) Montini Catholic defensive tackle Garrett Goebel – both four-star prospects – have issued verbals to the Buckeyes.

Another defensive tackle was in during the weekend for an official visit in the form of Thomasville, Ga., defensive tackle Brandon Thompson, also a four-star prospect.

Mobley has only played later than the third quarter in three games this season because Eden Prairie has so thoroughly dominated its opponents, Grant said. He has played both defensive end and tackle as his team has alternated between a three- and four-man front.

Grant said he was not sure if Mobley has a top school in his mind.

"Obviously if he's over at Ohio State this weekend he's probably thinking Ohio State, but I don't know," he said. "In terms of a top five, I know he's very high on Minnesota, I know he's very high on two or three or four Big Ten schools, but there's a lot of places around. Kentucky and Arizona State and UCLA and Nebraska and Oklahoma and you go down the list. They might fly him to Hawaii. They may put him on a beach and he'll never come back."

The problem for Mobley is that he is too nice, Grant said, and he does not like saying ‘no' to college recruiters.

"I talk to a lot of D-1 coaches and just about each one of them think he's coming to their place," he said. "That's about 20 of them, because they go, ‘Well, he's so great, and he's so nice, and he loves it when we talk.' Yeah, because he's that nice of a kid.

"He enjoys himself if he went over to the junior college here too. That's the type of kid he is. He's never going to say anything negative about anybody. He's just a great guy to be around. If he was down at the junior college he'd be saying what a great place it is. I don't think that's an indicator of he's going to commit."

If Mobley does issue a commitment to the Buckeyes while in Columbus, though, Grant said he will not try to talk him out of it.

"I'm there as an advisor, but I'm not like some high school coaches who are going to try to control what their kids do," he said. "I'm not going to be upset. I would be surprised because we talked about this and he said he's not going to commit as much as they woo him."

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