Michael Brewster is All Buckeye

Even though he committed to Ohio State months ago, Michael Brewster feels his official visit has totally reinforced his decision to be a Buckeye. Bill Greene has the story on the Brewster visit.

Florida superstar offensive lineman Michael Brewster is at Ohio State this weekend for his official visit. Even though he has been committed to the Buckeyes for quite some time, Brewster now feels like he is part of the Ohio State family.

"This weekend really confirmed that I made a great choice," Brewster said. "I know this is the place for me. I've always felt great around the other guys that have committed, but I also feel I fit in well with the current players too. Alex Boone was my host and he's a great guy. I know a lot of the other team members and they all treat me great. I always try to be real humble around them and always show them great respect. I try to be pretty quiet around the team and never come across as egotistical or stuck on myself. I'm just going to come in here next year and quietly do my job on and off the field. I always love being in Columbus and this weekend was just another great time."

Even though he's being recruited as a center, Brewster feels he just might start out at another position at Ohio State.

"I think center will be my eventual position, but I'm hoping to start out at right tackle," he stated. "I want to fight for Kirk Barton's spot right off the bat. I want to play right away and I want to start out at tackle since that is going to be the open spot. I know Alex Boone loves being at Ohio State and he said the only way he would consider leaving is if he was going to be a first round pick. He said he might not even consider leaving no matter what because he loves playing at Ohio State so much."

Brewster is becoming famous for being an unofficial recruiter for the 2008 Buckeye recruiting class. He said all the recruits enjoyed their time in Columbus this weekend.

"I think Ohio State has a great shot at Willie Mobley and I think he might commit before he leaves Columbus," Brewster stated. "Terrelle Pryor had a great time and we talked today after he left. I text messaged him and told him we need him here at Ohio State in March. He told me he agrees and he said he might look into it, because he wants to play right away. I just wish he could have seen the crowd like it was against Michigan last year. He said the Penn State crowd was really crazy last week. I know he liked the student section chanting his name yesterday. He's a really down to earth guy, not a flashy guy at all. I was talking to Devier Posey and Devier and I agreed that Terrelle would be perfect for us. I think it's between Ohio state and Penn State. I don't see him going to West Virginia at all. I don't know what to think about Brandon Thompson. I think he might be favoring Clemson, but I'm not real sure about him."

Finally, Brewster spoke about how impressed he was with the Buckeye victory yesterday.

"I wasn't really worried at all when OSU fell behind," Brewster exclaimed. "I figured Ohio State had plenty of time to get things going. I liked the way the offensive line took control of the game. Jim Bollman is the best line coach in the country and I knew he would get those guys going. It's hard to believe that I'll be on the field with those guys next spring. I know I'm going to love being at Ohio State and I know I couldn't have made a better choice."

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