Freeman Hopes To Change Past

Trotwood-Madison High School has produced several college prospects over the years. But while many have found homes around the country it's been awhile since a Ram's player received an offer from Ohio State and accepted. Will Chris Freeman change this? We have the latest along with a video clip of Freeman in action.

This year the Ohio State Buckeyes have enjoyed one of the best seasons in college football. Despite the recent loss to Illinois the Buckeyes are a program many of the country's top football prospects dream of picking up an offer from. Chris Freeman is now one of these prospects.

When you stand 6-foot-8, 340-pounds and show the ability to move your feet college coaches are going to take notice. It's not every day a coach finds these types of players and when one comes along coaches take notice and make sure they have their name in front of you. This is what Freeman is learning first hand since taking the advice of many and giving football a chance.

A longtime basketball player, Freeman has long been told his future was brighter if he made the choice to play football over basketball. But with coaches on both sides in his ear the young man with a smile always on his face made the choice to take to the field this season.

While his entrance to the football world got a late start, don't be surprised when Freeman watches offers come his way as his highlight tape hits the college rounds. And while the big-man is open he does have a school he wishes to pick up an offer from.

"I'd love to change the past and get an Ohio State offer. We've had a lot of players, very good players here that have not done that and I'd like to get one." was on hand for Trotwood-Madison's second round playoff game against Turpin and has the following short video clip of Freeman in action.

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