Bucknotes - 10/18

Fact or fiction? Dave Biddle decides...

Time to clear up some misconceptions as the Buckeyes prepare for the big game in Madison.

Fiction: Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium is one of the toughest places to play in the country.
Fact: The Badgers are 2-9 in their last 11 Big Ten home games.

Fiction: Craig Krenzel is never going to be a quarterback that puts up impressive stats.
Fact: Krenzel is sixth in the nation in yards per attempt (9.0) and ninth in the nation in quarterback rating (153.8). Yards per attempt is probably the most telling QB stat out there.

Fiction: Maurice Clarett is going pro after this season.
Fact: Clarett values his education too much; he won't leave until after his sophomore year.

Fiction: Mike Doss is having a down year.
Fact: Doss isn't blitzing as much and isn't playing as close to the line of scrimmage as years past. His numbers are a little bit down, but he's having a good year and is the ultimate team player.

Fiction: Brooks Bollinger says he doesn't remember signing the "They built it, we own it" autograph.
Fact: He remembers.

Fiction: The WWF, or WWE (or whatever the hell they are calling it these days) is sporting entertainment at its finest.
Fact: Buckeye fans would pay top dollar to see a Tim Anderson vs. Alex Stepanovich steel cage match.

Fiction: Dustin Fox is going to move back to safety next year.
Fact: Fox is going to stay at cornerback.

Fiction: When a team is having trouble covering kickoffs, even though its kicker usually boots the ball deep in the endzone, the smart thing to do is "pooch" kick.
Fact: When team is having trouble covering kickoffs, even though its kicker usually boots the ball deep in the endzone, the smart thing to do is find new guys to cover.

Fiction: About 10-15 OSU players danced on the "W" following the Bucks 23-7 win in Madison in 2000.
Fact: About three players actually took part. I watched the tape and the only one I could clearly pick out was Curtis Crosby, although others have said Ken-Yon Rambo was involved as well... Goes to show how overblown things can get.

Fiction: Wisconsin is on the verge of falling apart after two straight losses.
Fact: The Badgers have never lost three consecutive games under Barry Alvarez.

Fiction: Brent Musburger will refer to Matt Wilhelm as "Kaiser" about 10 times during the telecast.
Fact: Make it more like 20.

Fiction: Lloyd Carr has no competition when it comes to "Biggest Whiner in the Big Ten."
Fact: Joe Paterno is closing fast.

Fiction: Cie Grant is too small to play linebacker.
Fact: Grant dishes out about three "bell ringers" each game.

Fiction: Anthony Davis (653 rushing yards, 4.9 ypc, five rushing TDs) is every bit as good as Clarett, but doesn't get the hype.
Fact: Clarett (847 yards, 6.5, ypc, 13 TDs) is a bigger, faster, tougher version of Davis.

Fiction: Wisconsin always has the biggest offensive line in the conference.
Fact: No team has a bigger line than the Bucks this year. Ivan Douglas goes about 320; Adrien Clarke goes about 3 cough, cough; Alex Stepanovich goes about 310, Bryce Bishop goes about 320 and Shane Olivea goes about 330... And they'll all be back next year.

Fiction: Lydell Ross lost the starting RB job to a younger player.
Fact: Ross is younger than Clarett (I know most Buckeye fans already know this, just sick of every national writer getting it wrong).

Fiction: Mike Jenkins has pretty good hands and decent leaping ability.
Fact: Jenkins has great hands and could probably record a 40-inch vertical jumping out of quicksand.

Fiction: Camp Randall still has artificial turf because of all the bad weather in Wisconsin.
Fact: The Badgers are about 10 years behind the rest of the country in terms of technology.

Fiction: The Buckeyes don't want to hear anything about cheese this week.
Fact: They can't wait to eat up Wisconsin's "Swiss Cheese" defense. Holes-a-plenty.

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