DiLillo: "Part of the Family Now"

Madison tight end Nic DiLillo took his official visit to Ohio State over the weekend. DiLillo, who was hosted by Jake Ballard, talked about his conversations with the staff and watching the Saturday night football games with the team. Bill Greene has more.

Madison star tight end Nic DiLillo took his official visit to Ohio State this past weekend. DiLillo, who committed to Ohio State in June, was hosted by current Buckeye Jake Ballard. DiLillo spoke about his visit experience.

"I got to Ohio State around noon on Friday," DiLillo said. "I'm majoring in communications and I got to meet with the academic advisor about what courses I'll be taking and what specifics go into that degree. It was good for me to get a little more educated about the subjects I will be taking. We checked out the dorms and I saw where I'll be living next year. Ohio State was going through a practice in the afternoon and it was cool to see them work out. I met up with Jake Ballard after practice and he hosted me the rest of the visit. Jake is a great guy and we got along really well."

DiLillo was joined by his parents for the visit. He said he enjoyed spending time with the Ohio State team and the staff.

"Friday night we all went out to dinner with my parents and Coach {Jim} Bollman and his wife," he explained. "Saturday I got to tour the facility and meet with Jim Tressel. Coach Tressel and I spent about an hour just talking and it was great. He's such a great man that we talked about a lot of things, not just football. I can see why all the players respect him so much. I'm just getting to know him and I'm pretty happy that we are building a great relationship. I also met with Eric Lichter and we talked about his plan for me to get faster and stronger. He will be sending me a workout program after signing day. They talked about me playing at 250 pounds, but they said they will have me at the right weight to maximize my quickness and strength."

DiLillo was fortunate enough to be visiting on a weekend when the Buckeyes found out they would be making a return trip to the national championship game. He described the mood of the team as both West Virginia and Missouri lost key games.

"All the players gathered at the facility and they had a lot of televisions set up so everybody could follow the West Virginia and Missouri games," DiLillo explained. "It was sweet to watch all that unfold. The entire team was there and it was great to see how that team has bonded as a family. That's real important to me and it was great to see how close everyone is. When it became apparent that they were going to make it, the guys all went crazy. They were all screaming and hooting and hollering and it was great to be a part of it. I loved seeing how all the guys are so tight with one another. To me, that's the most important factor in making a great team."

DiLillo admitted that his visit made him feel like a true Buckeye. DiLillo's recruitment was a strange journey and this visit cemented his bond with the Ohio State football program.

"I had a long, bumpy road to get here," DiLillo admitted. "After this weekend, Ohio State feels like home. I know I'm part of the family now. I'm starting to get really close to the team and the coaches. I'll be going to Ohio State on June 15th. I'm looking forward to being a Buckeye and I'm excited to be part of what is going on at Ohio State."

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