Brewster Talks Rehab and Recruiting

Ohio State superstar commit Mike Brewster recently had surgery to repair his injured shoulder. Brewster, who will be enrolling in January, spoke about the injury and his rehabilitation schedule with's Bill Greene recently.

Ohio State fans were stunned to learn that top rated offensive line commit Michael Brewster recently injured his shoulder in his last high school game. The injury required surgery and Brewster discussed the injury and how long of a recovery period he is facing.

"I was helping the team out playing nose-guard and I got cut and my arm got stuck under a few guys," Brewster began. "I tore my labrum and dislocated my shoulder. It was kind of a freak thing. I left the game to get my arm popped back into place. I put on a shoulder brace and they taped my arm to my chest. I went back in and played the rest of the game. I didn't play defense after that, but I played offense the rest of the night. It hurt pretty bad, but there was no way I wasn't going to play. I had surgery on Monday and things went good. There was nothing else wrong and they want me to keep it immobile for five weeks."

Brewster, who will enroll at Ohio State in January, was counting on playing spring football with the Buckeyes. Is that still a possibility?

"I spoke with the Ohio State coaches about that," he explained. "They told me that spring ball is the time for me to learn the system. They said there's no need for me to go out there and put a lot of strain on my shoulder. They want me using my left arm and staying in shape. They want me to work on my footwork and they said the most important thing is learning the system. I know I can play there. I just need to get stronger. I'll be ready to go by fall for sure."

Brewster was selected to play in the Army All-American game in San Antonio. Although he will be unable to play, Brewster will still attend the event.

"A lot of Ohio State guys will be there," he said. "By the time it's over we could have ten or more commits in the game, depending upon what Terrelle [Pryor] and Josh [Jenkins] decide. That should be real sweet for all of us."

Brewster has earned the reputation as a master recruiter for the 2008 Ohio State recruiting class. He admitted he has his sights set on Terrelle Pryor and Josh Jenkins, two of the top recruits left on Ohio State's board.

"I think Ohio State is in GREAT shape with Terrelle Pryor," Brewster exclaimed. "We've become really good friends and we trust each other a lot. We talk all the time and we're looking forward to hanging out in San Antonio.I think having Pryor be the quarterback of our team would be great and he knows that. Josh Jenkins is visiting this weekend and I think after spending time with Coach [Jim] Bollman and the other recruits, he will make the right decision and become a Buckeye. I talk with Jenkins quite a bit and I think it might take a little time, but I believe he will be a Buckeye. Another kid I like from Florida is Corey Liuget [ Hialeah Senior]. I was with Corey last weekend and he's committed to Illinois, but I think he's a soft commit. He will be visiting Ohio State and I think we should offer him. He has a chance to be a great player and I think Ohio State can get him."

Brewster will be enrolling at Ohio State the day of the national championship game. He is confident the Buckeyes will capture the title in New Orleans.

"I think Ohio State will win," he said. "This is a really young team that should be good next year too. All of us recruits think we can be part of something special at Ohio State in the next few years. If we get Terrelle to be our quarterback, we could be making a few championship games. We've got all the pieces to be a class that contributes right away. Pryor would complete the class."

There's no doubt that Mike Brewster has already started making a name for himself among Buckeye fans. His recruiting effort has been so impressive that people sometimes forget he just might be the most talented player in this class. It is going to be a lot of fun watching Mike Brewster develop as a player, and as a person, at Ohio State over the next four years.

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