Cordale Scott Visit Update

Cleveland Glenville star athlete Cordale Scott recently completed his official visit to Ohio State. Scott has narrowed his list to four schools, but has no set time to announce his decision. Bill Greene has the latest on Scott.

Cleveland Glenville wide receiver Cordale Scott spoke about his weekend official visit to Ohio State. Scott, one of the top prospects in Ohio, visited Ohio State with his parents.

"I had a great visit to Ohio State," Scott exclaimed. "I'm not ready to make a decision at this time, but the visit did help me see things I did not know about Ohio State. I thought the visit would be just to see some friends and get to know the Ohio State coaching staff a little better. I've been to Ohio State a lot, so I figured it would be like any other visit, but it was much better than I thought it would be. I was impressed by the academic support staff. That really caught my attention. I know Ohio State is a great program and this visit just reinforced that for me. My parents were with me and they were impressed too. They were overwhelmed really. They won't be trying to influence my choice though. They want me to make my own decision, so I can be happy with my choice."

Scott declined to name a leader at this time, but said he has narrowed his list to four schools. He spoke about each school.

"My list is Ohio State, Illinois, North Carolina and Wisconsin," Scott said. "They aren't in any order. Illinois is a program on the rise. I like what they are doing with their team. Coach [Ron] Zook is a player's coach and a good guy. Coach Eric Wolford is recruiting me and he's doing a great job. He's showing me I could get on the field quicker than at Ohio State. Wisconsin has great tradition and they develop great receivers like Cris Chambers and Lee Evans. Kyle Jefferson is a friend of mine and he likes it there. North Carolina is rebuilding under Butch Davis and they will get better every year. I think they will compete for the ACC title under Davis. Ohio State is Ohio State, a great program. Most of the Glenville kids have done well at Ohio State and I know that."

Most schools are recruiting Scott as a wide receiver, but he is a two-way performer at Glenville and he could end up a defensive player in college.

"Most all of the schools are recruiting me as a wide receiver," he stated. "Almost every school has mentioned I could be a safety or a linebacker too. I will do whatever my team needs me to do. I want to play at the wideout position, but I'm a team guy first, and will do what my coaches want me to do. I'm a football player and will do what needs to be done."

Scott has not set a timetable for making a decision and said none of the schools recruiting him are pushing him to make a decision quickly.

"I'm really not sure when I will make my decision, although it won't be soon," Scott declared. "Ohio State did not pressure me to commit this weekend. None of the four schools I'm considering are putting any pressure on me to commit immediatly at all. When I feel the time is right I will announce my decision. I still want to take my time and make the right decision."

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