Stoneburner "Blown Away" by Visit

Dublin Coffman star receiver Jake Stoneburner had a tremendous visit to Ohio State this past weekend. Stoneburner has long been a Buckeye commitment but was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. Bill Greene has more.

It's hard to imagine Dublin Coffman star wide receiver Jacob Stoneburner being "blown away" by his Ohio State official visit. Stoneburner has spent a lot of time at Ohio State since his commitment last spring, and it's hard to believe he hasn't seen it all in Buckeye land.

"It was a lot more than I ever expected it to be," Stoneburner began. "Normally when I go there I see practice or a game. I never saw the entire picture like they show you on an official visit. I was blown away to tell you the truth. I've never seen the academic people or talked with the strength and conditioning people before. They were so great to talk with and very helpful. Ohio State is so unique because they combine athletics and academics so well. They emphasize both as so important to being a success."

Stoneburner also spent time with Buckeye head coach Jim Tressel, in addition to the academic and strength and conditioning leaders.

"I saw things I hadn't seen before, like the equipment room," Stoneburner explained. "It's really amazing how much is there to help the players succeed. The strength and conditioning people talked about adding "fast weight." They will be getting me on a program in February. I want to lower my speed so I'm consistently running under 4.5. I'm in the high 4.4 or low 4.5 range now. The academic people showed me exactly what I need to do to be enrolled in March. I'm good to go there. Coach {Jim} Tressel was amnazing, like he always he is. We spent about 35 minutes in his office and we kind of laughed because there wasn't much for us to talk about. We know each other pretty well and get along so well. It probably meant more to Keith Wells to sit down with him than me."

Stoneburner also spent time with some of the uncommitted recruits that were at Ohio State this weekend. He shared his thoughts on Josh Jenkins and Keith Wells.

"Josh Jenkins has been here four or five times, so he's pretty familiar with everybody," Stoneburner explained. "We text and talk all the time and he and I have become pretty good friends. Josh loves it here and I think he knows where he needs to be. I don't expect a final decision out of him for a while, maybe signing day. Josh is really torn between West Virginia and Ohio State, but I feel pretty good about him being a Buckeye in the end.'

"Keith Wells is a great kid and he was unbelievably impressed with Ohio State. He liked everything about what he saw. He got a good chance to compare everything with LSU and Florida State. He fits in really well with the rest of us recruits. He seems like one of us already, and he felt that way too. He's comparing his options, but Ohio State really put their best foot forward and he saw how great it is here. He told me he had an awesome time and connected well with all of us."

Jake Stoneburner stressed that an official visit really opened his eyes to all Ohio State has to offer a student-athlete. He was surprised to see how much he did not know about playing football at Ohio State.

"Coming to a game or a practice is not the same as everything they show you on an official visit," he stated. "This was a real behind the scenes look at Ohio State. It was good for me to be here and see all I saw this weekend. It just reinforces the fact that I made a great choice in committing to Ohio State. Now that my high school career is over I'm ready to get my OSU career started. I feel like a true Buckeye now."

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