Mike Adams Talks About His Visit

Dublin Coffman superstar Mike Adams completed his official visit to Ohio State. Adams, who will be enrolling early, met with the Buckeye academic staff and spent time with the other visitors. Learn more about his trip to Columbus.

Dublin Coffman's Mike Adams recently completed his official visit to Ohio State. Adams, one of the top offensive linemen in the country, spoke about his trip to Columbus.

"This weekend was a great experience for me," Adams explained. "We had some new guys in town like Keith Wells and Shayne Hale, and it was cool to get to meet them and hang out with them. I also spent a lot of time with Josh Jenkins and his older brother. It was also good to be with Devier Posey again. It was great to spend time with Coach [Jim] Bollman and the entire coaching staff. Overall it was a great time."

Adams has been to Ohio State so many times in the past few years that he seems to be a part of the Buckeye family already.

"It was pretty much what I expected," he continued. "I sat down with the academic staff and went over my individual schedule. It was different having a host this time. My host was James Scott and it was nice getting to know him. We also spent time with Boom Herron and Taurien Washington. It was good seeing Ohio State from a player's perspective. James Scott was a great representative of Ohio State. He hosted Etienne Sabino and Travis Howard on their visits. We got along really well the entire weekend."

Adams is set to enroll in March and will participate in spring football. He spoke about his plans for life after football some day.

"I'm all set to enroll in March," Adams stated. "I've had everything planned out academically for a while now, with my guidance counselor at Coffman, and with the Ohio State people. I want to follow my mother's career path and major in special education."

It's no surprise that Adams would choose to follow his mother, Heidi, in his future career, considering how close the two of them are. He often credits his mother for helping shape him into the person he is today.

"My mom works for the Ohio Department of Mental Retardation," he continued. "I'd like to be a special education teacher some day and be able to help out younger kids. I'd also like to coach once my football playing days are over. Growing up I was always really into the special education field because of my mom. I always did a lot of stuff with her when I went to work with her. We would take the kids out and just spend time with them. I thought it was really cool how much my mom really cares for those kids and how it's not just a job with her. I just learned from my mom how to care about others. It just seems like a great career choice."

It appears that Mike Adams was born to be a leader. It's no surprise that he viewed his official visit as a time to make sure the other visitors had a great time. He spoke about his role as a player already committed to Ohio State.

"It was important for me to try to get to know the current players at Ohio State, but it was more important for me to make sure the guys visiting Ohio State with me had a great time," Adams explained. "Keith Wells was a guy I met for the first time. It was easy to see he fit in really well with all the other guys that have committed to Ohio State. We had a great time and I know he liked it, but only time will tell what his decision will be. Shayne Hale was a real quiet kid, but I think we showed him a great time. We were there to answer any questions he had and I think he was impressed. Josh Jenkins is a guy I've become great friends with. We talk quite often. It was important for him to have his older brother here with him. They are really close and it was good for his brother to see Ohio State this way. I think this was a big step because his brother liked it a lot and he really liked Jim Bollman a lot. I really hope Josh decides to come on board with us because he's a great player and a great guy."

Mike Adams sometimes gets overshadowed by some of the more publicized recruits, but he was the one who got the ball rolling as far as commits recruiting other players. Both J. B. Shugarts and Mike Brewster credit Adams with helping lure them to Columbus. Mike Adams is a leader who will make his mark academically and athletically at Ohio State.

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