Marcus Hall Adds Buckeye Offer

Cleveland Glenville's Marcus Hall became the latest junior to be offered a scholarship by Ohio State on Friday. Hall received his offer by letter at his home. Hall, one of the top prospects in Ohio, spoke with Bill Greene about his latest offer.

Cleveland Glenville's Marcus Hall added Ohio State to his growing list of scholarship offers last Friday. Hall, one of the top prospects in the junior class in Ohio, plays right tackle for the Tarblooders, and projects as an offensive tackle at the next level.

"I got the offer last Friday in the mail," Hall stated. "It was something I wasn't really expecting, but I have been working toward this offer. Ohio State is one of my favorite schools, along with Illinois, of the ones that have offered. I like the coaching staff at Ohio State and I like the winning tradition. I'm very happy with the Ohio State offer, but I know I need to keep working hard to get better. Right now I have offers from Ohio State, Illinois, Iowa and Youngstown State. There might be more that have been mailed to the school. I'll find out after winter break."

Hall admitted he has no timetable set for making a decision.

"I'm not sure right now," he said. "I want to weigh all of my options and find the school that's right for me. That could take a long time. If I see some school that I'm really impressed with, then I would be willing to commit early. It's all about finding the right school and where I fit in the best."

Glenville has been fertile ground for Ohio State ever since Jim Tressel took over as the Buckeye head coach. Hall talked about two of his teammates who made college choices in the past week.

"For Shaq Rowell, it was a great thing to commit to Ohio State," Hall admitted. "Shaq's a great teammate and I'm very happy for him. It was what he wanted all along. Cordale Scott made a decision he felt was best for him. It was a personal choice and I'm happy for him also. If I choose to go to Illinois at least I know I have a teammate there. At Ohio State, I would have a lot of friends there. I think both players did what they felt was best for them. I plan on doing what's best for me."

Hall is satisfied with the offers he has today, but admits he's hoping to receive a few more offers. He mentioned which schools he is specifically interested in.

"I'm hoping to get offered by USC, Wisconsin, Penn State and Tennessee," he said. "Those schools are all great programs and I like all of them a lot. I'll just have to see about the distance factor. I'd like to stay close to home, but if the right school ended up being far away, I'd be willing to go away from home."

Hall, who will be attending the junior combine in San Antonio, spoke about what position he's being recruited for.

"Most schools are recruiting me as an offensive tackle," Hall explained. "It really doesn't matter to me, although I'm playing right tackle at Glenville, and I feel comfortable there. I think I can get better at my technique. I'm working with a trainer right now on coming off the ball quicker and improving my pop off the ball. I watch films of our games all the time and that's what I need to work on."

Hall also spoke of his admiration for Glenville head coach Ted Ginn.

"Coach Ginn is great to play for," Hall exclaimed. "Sometimes football is the last thing on his mind. He likes to win, but he's more concerned about us players as individuals first. He's like a father-figure to all of the guys. I owe a lot to him for the opportunities coming my way right now."

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