Johnny Simon is a Buckeye

Youngstown Cardinal Mooney superstar Johnny Simon made it official today that he will be playing his college football for Jim Tressel and Ohio State. Simon committed to Tressel and assistant coach Jim Heacock today. Bill Greene has the inside story on the Simon commitment.

Youngstown Cardinal Mooney's Johnny Simon committed to Ohio State today. Simon, one of the top defensive linemen in the country, wasted no time in choosing to be a Buckeye.

"I committed to Ohio State today," Simon began. "I called coach [Jim] Heacock today and told him. He handed the phone to Jim Tressel and I talked with both of them. I've always liked Ohio State. I visited some other schools, but Ohio State always stood out to me. After going to bowl practice two weeks ago, I was really impressed with everything they do. I was pretty sure that's where I wanted to go, but I wanted to wait a week or so to be sure. I thought why wait? I didn't want to the other coaches to waste their time recruiting me any further. I just wanted to be a part of it and I really wanted to commit and today was the day. I'm a Buckeye 100%."

Simon, a 3.7 student,committed to the Ohio State staff while they were at bowl practice. Ohio State is preparing to play for the national championship against LSU on January 7th.

"Coach Heacock is a great guy and he was pretty excited to get the news," Simon continued. "He was really enthusiastic about it and he handed the phone to Jim Tressel. Coach Tressel was really happy about it as well, and he welcomed me into the family. It's a great honor for me to know that I will be playing for this staff. It's been an honor to meet gentlemen like these coaches. I think playing at Ohio State is going to be amazing the next few years. The team is strong and they're bringing in great players all the time."

Simon, the third commit of the class of 2009 following Jordan Whiting and Storm Klein, talked about what position he will play at Ohio State.

"I'll be playing on the defensive line for Ohio State," Simon explained. "I'm not sure where and it doesn't matter to me. I'll play where the coaches want me to play, whether it's at tackle or end. Anyway I can help the team is what matters to me."

Simon indicated he sat down with his entire family over the Christmas holiday and talked about the decision. His older sister, Brittany, attends Ohio State.

"We talked about it and everybody in my family is really happy I chose Ohio State," Simon exclaimed. "I need to thank my family for their support. I also have the best coaching staff and great players with me at Mooney, and they helped put me in this position."

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