Jack Mewhort is a Buckeye

The 2009 Ohio State recruiting train continues to roll with the commitment of Toledo St.John's Jack Mewhort. Mewhort, one of the top junior offensive linemen in the Mid-West, accepted the Buckeye offer on Friday. Scout.com has the latest on the Mewhort commitment.

Toledo St. John's center Jack Mewhort became the fourth member of the Ohio State 2009 recruiting class Friday afternoon. Mewhort, one of the top rated players in the Ohio junior class, committed to Buckeye assistant coach "Doc" Tressel.

"I called "Doc" Tressel yesterday," Mewhort said. "He was at the Woody Hayes facility when we talked. He was pretty excited to hear I wanted to be a Buckeye. He gave the phone to his brother, Jim Tressel. Coach [Jim] Tressel and I talked for a while and he was very enthusiastic about me committing. That made me feel good to know how interested he was."

Mewhort has offers from Bowling Green, Michigan State, Northwestern and Toledo. He explained why Ohio State was the best choice for him.

"I'm an Ohio kid," he stated. "Also, it's close to home and they play for the national championship all the time. It's always been my dream to play there, and my family is just as excited as I am. Basically, Ohio State is everything to me. I was thinking about waiting around and seeing who else offered, but it hit me that no other school could ever change my mind. I am 100% a Buckeye."

Mewhort has spoken with some of the current commits in the 2009 class.

"I have talked with Johnny Simon occasionally and he seems like a great guy," Mewhort explained. "I've seen Storm Klein down at Ohio State. I haven't spoken to Jordan Whiting yet, but I plan on doing so. I talk with Adam Homan and I hope he commits to Ohio State, too. I'm not sure how active I will be in calling other recruits. I follow recruiting on Scout, and we'll just have to wait and see how that goes. I need to get in touch with John and see what he says."

Mewhort, who plays center in high school, talked about what position Ohio State is recruiting him for.

"Coach {Jim] Bollman told me he likes my snapping ability, so I might stay at center," he said. "I could also be playing guard for Ohio State. I'm sure I'll be playing inside somewhere on the line. I'll play wherever they want me. Right now I'm working on my quickness. I started working out as soon as my season ended and I'm focused at getting better. I want to get bigger and stronger, too. I played basketball before, but I'm strictly concentrating on football now. I need to get smarter in recognizing defenses. I just need to be better at all phases of the game."

Mewhort, 6' 6" and 285 pounds, is extremely impressed with the coaching staff at Ohio State.

"I'm trying not to bother the Ohio State staff right now," Mewhort exclaimed. "They are trying to win a national championship, and that is where their focus needs to be. I'm sure we'll be talking often once this game is over. Coach {Jim] Tressel is great, and the opportunity to play for him is tremendous. He's the best coach in college football, and a great gentleman. Jim Bollman was one of the guys who recruited me. He came to my school a lot, and I was with him in camp. I have a great relationship with him. I know he coached for a lot of years in the NFL, and he's known as an offensive line guru. Coach Bollman is another big reason that I chose Ohio State. Getting to play for him and learn from the best is good for me."

PLAYER EVALUATION: I saw Jack Mewhort play in a five overtime playoff loss to North Canton Hoover. I actually went to the game to observe Hoover's sophomore tailback Erik Howard, but couldn't help noticing Mewhort. Mewhort is a long, lanky kid who will fill out to 300 pounds easily, and still retain his quickness. He was far better in pass protection than I imagined he would be. He showed quick feet and great recognition skills. Hoover blitzed a lot, and Mewhort was excellent in sliding to help in protection. He is all of 6' 6" and has long arms. He was a good drive blocker, but will improve as he adds size and strength. He played with the same intensity throughout a nearly four hour football game, not easy for such a big man. Mewhort appeared to be excellent from a technical standpoint, and is a smart football player. I've seen Marcus Hall and Nate Klatt, two of the top offensive linemen in the 2009 class, in person. I would rank Mewhort just behind Hall as the second best offensive line prospect in the state for 2009. Jack Mewhort is a player that should flourish under the guidance and direction of Jim Bollman.

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