The Final Preparations

Now all they can do is wait. After a layoff that reaches 51 days for Ohio State, the Buckeyes and the LSU Tigers will take to the field Monday night for the BCS National Championship Game. Sunday afternoon, both coaches met with media members for the final time prior to the game and discussed their final preparations.

NEW ORLEANS – Final preparations are underway as Ohio State and LSU prepare to square off in Monday night's BCS National Championship Game.

Until then, the two teams are enduring what they consider to be similar to a hostage situation as they try to pass the time until kickoff.

"Pent-up. Trapped. Held hostage," was how LSU head coach Les Miles described the demeanor of his team. "The coaching staff keeps looking at the calendar ‘are we playing today?' I think our team is ready to play."

It was a sentiment echoed by OSU head coach Jim Tressel, speaking with reporters Sunday afternoon for what will be the last time before Monday night's title game. After a layoff of 51 days for the Buckeyes, it is rapidly approaching the time when there are no more preparations to be made.

That will make Monday seem to be an extra long day, Tressel said.

"They are on a schedule that is very limiting and I'm sure their minds are racing a million miles an hour," he said. "You wish you could snap your fingers and be out there at kickoff. I know they're anxious. Tomorrow's a long day when you don't play until 7 o'clock at night."

Perhaps as a motivating factor, the Tigers are scheduled to watch the movie "300" tonight as a team. Displaying a calm sense of confidence at the podium, Tressel said there are no similar plans for his team.

"I don't know what '300' is," he said. "I'm not a real movie guy. The last movie I went to was Jaws 1."

Miles said that his team will be fully healthy for the game, adding that they are "healthier than they have been." The trick now is not letting the emotion overtake the players, both coaches said.

"I think it's all about execution because ultimately that's what it takes," Tressel said. "You've done your preparation, you've put together a plan that you think is the right plan. You have a plan and you need to execute your plan and execute your adjustments to your plan. That's what it's all about come Monday night."

There appear to be no major changes to personnel for either squad. The status of OSU defensive end Lawrence Wilson remains unclear, although defensive coordinator Jim Heacock termed him as being doubtful to see game action.

All that is left is to get the game underway, and that can not come soon enough for either team.

"You always set your ultimate goal to be in the ultimate game," Tressel said. "The biggest goal that we have is to play as good as we possibly can play. I know they're anxious to get out there."

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