Mr. Brewster Comes to Columbus

Orlando's Mike Brewster has been a fan favorite ever since he committed to Ohio State in the spring of 2007. On Monday, Brewster will officially become a student at Ohio State. He spoke about starting this new chapter in his life.

"I need to get up early Monday morning and go get my schedule," Brewster said of the beginning of his college career. "I'll be taking core courses right now. I'm hoping to major in communications, and possibly go into broadcasting some day in the future."

Brewster, who is on the mend from off-season shoulder surgery, is anxious to become part of the Buckeye football team.

"I'll meet with Eric Lichter this week and start working on lower body stuff," he said. "Because of the surgery I'm not able to do a lot just yet. I'm hoping to get better acquainted with my Buckeye teammates. My brother is attending school here and we'll hang out together. I'll probably watch the championship game with Mike Adams and Jake Stoneburner."

Brewster is hoping to be ready for full contact in the fall, and will use spring practice to learn the Buckeye offense.

"The Ohio State coaches don't think it's necessary for me to hit in the spring," Brewster explained. "They know I can hit. They want me to work on technique and learning the calls for the line. I will have to study hard. I will start out at center, and they'll teach me everything about that position right off the bat. Eventually, I want to learn every position on the line. I want to be able to help out wherever they need me. I have no plans to red-shirt next year. I'm hoping to work my way into the rotation and be a productive player. If I stay healthy, there's no way I'll be red-shirting."

Brewster knows he's far from being a finished product, and is working to become a better football player.

"I need to get better at everything," Brewster admitted. "The game is so much faster, that I need to raise every part of my game up. I want to better at my technique, and make sure my body is totally healthy. My strength is my ability to play nasty out on the field, as well as my God-given ability. I play with a mean streak, and you can't teach that. I'm not looking to push people around out there. I'm looking to kill people out there. Some guys are good at computers, but I'm good at hitting people. It's what I like to do, and it's what I'm good at."

Brewster talked about what he hopes to accomplish at Ohio State. He is known as the master recruiter of this class, but he's ready to concentrate on his own career now. Brewster has passed on his recruiting knowledge to some of the Buckeye class of 2009.

"There aren't that many guys left in this class," he said. "There's Terrelle Pryor, Josh Jenkins, Keith Wells, and maybe Brandon Harris and Corey Liuget. Guys like Jonas Gray and Patrick Johnson were talking up Ohio State at the Army All-American game, so you never know about them. I have talked with Storm Klein, Adam Homan and Johnny Simon about how they need to go about building their class. They said they're interested in doing that. Those guys know they can get in touch with me anytime they have questions about how to get it done."

Brewster has entered Ohio State with several specific goals in mind for his college career.

"I want to win at least two national championships before I leave Ohio State," Brewster stated. "I want to play a BCS bowl game every year, and I never want to lose to Michigan during my career at Ohio State. I hate to talk about individual goals, but I'd like to be an All-American before I graduate. I'd like to win the awards for the top offensive lineman in the country. Another goal is to see every member of my recruiting class be extremely successful at Ohio State. It really hasn't set in yet that I'm a college student, but my parents are leaving tomorrow and it's time to get this show on the road."

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