Harris One to Watch

Westerville South lineman Ricky Harris is already drawing a lot of interest from two of the top programs in the Mid-West. Illinois has offered a scholarship and Ohio State has inquired about him through his head coach. What does Harris think about both programs? Bill Greene has the latest on Harris.

Westerville South star defensive lineman Ricky Harris has been offered a scholarship by Ron Zook and Illinois. Harris has also seen Ohio State make inquiries through his head coach Rocky Pentello. We checked in with Harris to see how his recruiting is progressing at this early date.

"Recruiting is going great," Harris stated. "I have an offer from Illinois and that is pretty exciting. I'm not ready to make a commitment, but that was great getting that offer. Ohio State has been at my school talking to my head coach about me. They haven't offered but that's okay with me. I know it's really early in recruiting. Ohio State and Illinois are my two favorite schools right now. I'm still waiting and hoping for more offers."

Harris, 6' 3" and 320 pounds, starred as an offensive lineman as a sophomore, but was switched to defense as a junior. He was equally effective on both sides of the football and is being recruited for either spot. He says he has no preference where he plays.

"It doesn't matter to me where I play," Harris said. "The Illinois coaches said I could play on offense or defense. I call them about once a week, since they can't call me. We have a good relationship started already. I talk with both an offense, and a defensive assistant coach. I thought about committing to Illinois but that would have been way too soon for that. I was pretty fired up about receiving my first offer and got a little carried away."

Harris is hoping for an Ohio State offer and is prepared to wait to receive one. He is listing both schools as his co-favorites.

"Ohio State is a great school and I love Ohio State," he said. "Thankfully I don't have to choose between the two right now. I didn't attend any games at Ohio State this year, because the schedule didn't work out for me. I'll probably be going to a few basketball games. I want to get to know the Ohio State coaches better as this year goes on. I really love both schools right now, but probably Ohio State would be slightly ahead of Illinois."

Harris admitted the switch to defense was something he really enjoyed. Even though he was new to the position, he said he felt at home playing on the defensive line.

"I got moved over after the third game," he explained. "It went pretty good and I guess I would say I think my future in college would be on defense, but it's kind of hard to say really. It would be up to the coaching staff that I play for. If I keep working hard I think I can be an impact player at the next level. I plan on increasing my strength and getting my speed down. I want to be a great player and I plan in working hard to be one. I'm doing good academically and I know how important that is. Hopefully with a good year next year I will get some more offers."

We will continue to monitor Ricky Harris throughout 2008 to see how he progresses.

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