Domicone Adds Two Huge Offers

Beavercreek athlete Zach Domicone was surprised today to receive scholarship offers from Oklahoma and Ohio State. Domicone will visit Ohio State this weekend, after canceling a trip to visit the Sooners. Will Domicone commit to Ohio State this weekend? Bill Greene has more.

"Coach [Jim] Tressel told me today he has a scholarship for me at Ohio State," stated Zach Domicone of Beavercreek. "I will be going to Ohio State on Saturday for an official visit."

In a recruiting season without any real surprises for Ohio State, this news was a bombshell. Domicone admitted he was totally caught off guard by the offers from both Ohio State and Oklahoma.

"Recruiting has picked up a lot," Domicone stated. "I've run a 4.47 forty, and I'm 6' 3" and 210 pounds. I was shocked by the Ohio State offer. Yesterday was the first time they had had even contacted, when they called my coach. I've never been invited to Ohio State for any games. I've got other offers from Akron, Connecticut, Air Force and Nebraska. Oklahoma offered this morning. That was a total surprise, and then Ohio State offered this afternoon. I had scheduled a flight to visit Oklahoma this weekend, and called them to cancel when the Ohio State offer came. I'm pretty much in shock, to tell you the truth. The Oklahoma coaches were very understanding about me wanting to cancel my visit. Today has been quite a day."

Obviously, Domicone has been stunned by today's turn of events. He spoke about when he might make a decision.

"Before today, I was going to go to Nebraska," he admitted. "Now everything has changed for me. These two offers today really blew me away, especially the Ohio State offer. That's definitely the place I'd like to be at, and that's why I'm going this weekend to check it out. Jake Ballard will be my host. I will be visiting from Saturday to Sunday. There is a possibility I will commit to Ohio State before I return home on Sunday. Actually, there is a good chance I will commit to them this weekend." will continue to track the continuing story of Zach Domicone, and will report on any further development in his situation.

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