Glenville's Martin is a Buckeye

Once again the Ohio State Buckeyes are looking to Cleveland Glenville for more football talent. Today the Buckeyes accepted a commitment from Jermil Martin. Martin, who previously committed to Iowa, told Jim Tressel of his intentions this morning.

Cleveland Glenville's Jermil Martin became the latest addition to the 2008 Ohio State recruiting class when he committed to Jim Tressel this morning at breakfast.

"I did commit to Ohio State this morning," Martin stated. "I had a great visit at Ohio State, and I told Coach [Jim] Tressel that I wanted to be a Buckeye. Ohio State is the school I wanted to go to all along. I spent time at the Woody Hayes Complex and it was beautiful. That caught my attention immediately. I love the academic opportunities at Ohio State."

Martin discussed when he received his offer from Ohio State, and explained there was some confusion in his mind whether he had an offer or not.

"I'm not sure when I really got my offer for sure," he said with a laugh. "They said they offered me in December, but I wasn't sure. Coach Tressel called me in December, and we talked over a few things I had to do. When I headed to Columbus for this visit, I wanted to clarify that I had an offer. Once I did that, the rest was easy."

Martin, 6'0 and 225 pounds, also spoke about his previous commitment to Iowa, and why he is switching to Ohio State.

"Academically, I felt both schools were pretty similar," Martin explained. "Ohio State was just my dream school. I've been an Ohio State fan all my life. I was very impatient and wasn't willing to wait on Ohio State. Truthfully, I really jumped the gun by committing to Iowa, but everything has worked out for the best now. I still need to take the ACT test again, and raise my score a little bit. I told Coach Tressel that I will get that done."

Martin, who rushed for over 500 yards as a senior, spoke about where Ohio State plans to play him.

"They told me I will be playing both fullback and tailback," Martin said. "I'm not sure which one I will start out at when I actually get there. My position isn't that important to me. I just want to thank Ted Ginn for all he has done for me as a coach, and as a mentor. I also need to thank God for giving me this opportunity."

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