Gardiner Speaks About Buckeye Visit

Dublin Coffman linebacker spent Saturday with Jim Tressel and the Ohio State Buckeyes discussing his possible future in Columbus. Gardiner has an offer from the Buckeyes, but has several other schools vying for his services. Bill Greene has the latest on the Gardiner visit.

Dublin Coffman linebacker has some thinking to do after meeting with Jim Tressel and the Ohio State staff on a Saturday visit. Gardiner spoke about how the visit went and how he views Ohio State as his recruitment is nearing the end.

"I thought the visit went real well," Gardiner said. "I got to spend a lot of time with the players. Evan Blankenship was my host and he was a great guy. He showed me all around and we saw a lot of the campus. I met a lot of the players and I thought I fit in really well."

Gardiner was also able to spend some tome with Buckeye head coach Jim Tressel and was able to discuss at length the specifics of the Ohio State offer.

"I spent a lot of time with Coach Tressel," he explained. "I was only there for a little over a day, but I did get to spend a lot of time with him. He explained the whole grayshirt offer a little more and we went into a lot of detail about how the offer works. We also got to spend a little time getting to know each other a little better."

Although the Buckeye staff did not pressure Gardiner for a decision, he left Columbus knowing that he is a desirable recruit in Ohio State's eyes.

"With the grayshirt offer I can't sign on signing day anyway," Gardiner stated. "The earliest I could sign would be in early April, so there was no need for them to pressure me for a decision today. Coach Tressel told me they feel I can be a good player at Ohio State and they want me to be part of the program. At the same time he told me to go out and visit some other schools to compare them to what Ohio State has to offer. He said he wants me to make the best decision I can for myself."

Gardiner is prepared to follow Jim Tressel's advice and will take visits, as his schedule allows.

"Right now I have West Virginia, Pitt, Michigan State and Northwestern, along with Ohio State in consideration," Gardiner said. "I'm trying to get a visit set up with West Virginia for next week. Then after that I'll see where I'm at. It's hard to pick out one above the others at this time. That's why I'm planning the other visits."

Finally, Gardiner discussed the pros and cons of the Ohio State grayshirt offer.

"The disadvantages of going to Ohio State would be sitting out a year of football," Gardiner explained. "I can go through fall camp but then there is an eight week period where I would be totally separated from the team, until the bowl game. That would be the toughest thing for me. The positives would be that it would give me more time to develop my body and get bigger, faster and stronger. That could really help me in the long run. I think I will make my decision by February 6th."

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