No Rest For The Weary

As time slowly inches closer to National Signing Day, the pressure and the focus on Terrelle Pryor both continue to grow with each passing day. After a hectic week that saw him take his second official visit, things will ratchet up a notch this week as basketball games, interviews and visits will all converge for the nation's top quarterback prospect.

Terrelle Pryor is learning that there truly is no rest for the weary.

With about three weeks remaining until National Signing Day, the nation's top quarterback prospect is back home in Jeannette, Pa., after taking an official visit to Michigan during the Jan. 18 weekend. That visit came after a bevy of coaches made the trip to Pennsylvania to meet with the five-star prospect during the days leading up to his second official visit.

Now, though, Pryor has basketball games, interview requests, more visits from coaches and another official visit all on tap for the coming week. As could be expected, it is all starting to wear on Pryor, Jeannette head coach Ray Reitz told

"People will say, ‘How does Terrelle feel?" he said. "Terrelle has five basketball games this week. And we've got Sports Illustrated coming. We've got the Detroit newspaper coming. We've got these guys coming. Plus the coaches are coming in, be it Oregon, be it Penn State, be it Michigan, be it Ohio State. They're all going to come in. Pitt's coming.'

"I'm trying not to take up a lot of his time. I think he's getting mentally fatigued, I really do."

So it goes when the player listed as the No. 2 prospect in the country regardless of position by continues to update his list and add new advisors in the weeks leading up to signing day.

This week, Pryor is expecting visits from Penn State and Michigan for sure, but coaches from LSU – a recent addition to his list – and OSU could also be making trips. One school Reitz said will not be in attendance this week is Oregon because Pryor will be taking an official visit to check out the Ducks during the Jan. 25 weekend.

"It's crazy and it's going to get worse as it gets closer," Reitz said. "It's like playing poker: Everybody wants to have the last trump card."

Last week, OSU's coaches made an appearance and the following day, the 6-6, 225-pound Pryor headed to Ann Arbor for his second official visit.

"From what I understand, he had a really good time," Reitz said. "I think he was intrigued by the offense they run and stuff like that and obviously preparing him for the next level."

The Wolverines rolled out the red carpet for Pryor while he was there, a tactic that is becoming old hat regarding Pryor.

"I think when he went to Ohio State they did it with the past stars in to meet him when he went up there in the summer, so I would imagine it's the same at Michigan," Reitz said. "They have the same approach that Ohio State did."

It does not hurt Michigan's chances that the coaching staff has a clear path to playing time laid out for Pryor. The same goes for Oregon, Reitz said.

"Some places he has a chance to play right away, so that could be something too," he said. "At Ohio State he doesn't have the chance to play right away. I'm not saying that's a factor, but I'm sure that's intriguing when you go to certain schools and they don't have a quarterback. Oregon and Michigan have said he's got a chance to compete. Kids want instant gratification."

One week ago Pryor had a list of his top schools that included OSU, Michigan, PSU, Oregon and Duke, among others. Now that list apparently includes LSU, a team that has been recruiting him for some time but has only recently stepped up its pursuit. A representative from the team was at Jeannette on Thursday to meet with Pryor.

Reitz said he likes the program but is not necessarily in favor of their recent inclusion on Pryor's list.

"The biggest thing with Terrelle is LSU's a great university too," he said. "They've come into the picture now. I don't know if it's too late or what's going on there, but I think he should be eliminating instead of adding on. I think that's what he has to understand.

"I'm not saying he should eliminate them because that's obviously a great program too. I just think that he's going to step onto one of these campuses – maybe it was in Columbus – but he will feel at home when he gets to one of these schools."

In addition, Pryor is now being advised by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch, giving him three people he is leaning on for advice outside of his coach. While Reitz said Batch's experiences can help Pryor determine his future, having another voice talking in Pryor's ear can further muddle the decision-making process.

When all is said and done, though, Reitz said he has just one hope for his star quarterback.

"I just hope the decision that he makes is for himself," he said. "That's the main thing."

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