One Fewer School For Pryor

National Signing Day is looming on the calendar, and while Terrelle Pryor does not plan on announcing a final decision until then he has begun to pare his list down. Find out which team has been cut, which team he might still visit and when he plans to make his final announcement.

The ever-evolving list of the top schools for Terrelle Pryor is now one team smaller.

After seeing LSU suddenly enter the picture in the past few weeks for the quarterback out of Jeannette, Pa., the Tigers are now out of the running for the nation's top prospect according to head coach Ray Reitz.

That decision is just one part of what has been a busy week for Pryor. Last week, the two-sport athlete took part in five basketball games in seven days and also had a blizzard of coaches visit from across the country.

While his basketball schedule will slow down this week, a deluge of coaches are again expected to come through Jeannette to see Pryor.

"Michigan and Penn State are supposed to come in Wednesday," Reitz told "Oregon tomorrow and Ohio State and somebody else might come in Saturday. Ohio State's definitely coming in but there might be somebody else coming in too. I'm not sure who – it's either Penn State or Michigan too."

Oregon, OSU, Michigan and PSU appear to be the final four schools in the running for his services. Pryor has been receiving advice during the past few weeks from Pittsburgh Steelers backup quarterback Charlie Batch, a native of western Pennsylvania who is also dating a relative of Pryor's.

Reitz credited Batch's steadying hand as a major reason why the 6-6, 225-pound quarterback with 4.4-second speed in the 40-yard dash has been able to sift through the potential suitors.

The hope of Pryor's head coach is that Pryor simply makes the right decision for himself without any other outside sources influencing him.

"What we'd like to see is, we don't care where he goes as long as he makes the decision himself," he said. "But we've got one guy promoting one school, another guy promoting another school and I don't think it's fair to Terrelle and I think it's adding to the confusion.

"Charlie Batch is helping out a lot. I think he's given him some normalcy."

Pryor was considering taking an official visit to Oregon, but that trip has not taken place due to the other demands on his time.

"The Oregon trip was just an inconvenient move because of all the games and all that," Reitz said. "He still could make that trip. I don't think it would be very wise on his part not to talk about Oregon because what they do is, I think, a perfect offense for him. The distance is a factor, obviously, but what are you going to do?"

The desire to see the Ducks program in person has the potential to delay Pryor's final decision. The first day players can sign national letters-of-intent is Feb. 6 but they have until April 1 to sign on the dotted line.

Although there is just a small chance Pryor will postpone his decision, Reitz said that possibility does exist.

"There's a possibility, but right now I'd say it's minute," he said.

However, Reitz added that there is a press conference scheduled for 12:05 p.m. on National Signing Day.

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